Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i am good at this

i never fail to find *good reasons* to do shopping.
last saturday, i found a *good reason* to do so
~~~  i have worked too hard, both at work and at home....

i spotted this shop a couple weeks ago when it was in preparation for business.
the sign said business will commence soon.
so with this shop as my target,
i went back last saturday and claimed victory over a few lovely items. 

* a set of 4 lunch boxes in pastel color.  the smallest one with little starry patterns is for little bb (like for keeping his finger biscuits while we are on the go...) and the rest are for myself...  as i plan to bring lunch to work....
* a pair of flowery pajamas... i am sure they will bring me sweet dreams... hehehe
* a small pouch with lots of ruffles... i luv ruffles!!!

i find everything in the shop super sweet and lovely
if i could, i could love to bring the entire shop home....

even the shop tag is delicious.....  


joanna said...

oh i must visit!!!! hahahaa

aileen ♥ motu said...

there are outfits for sansan too!