Monday, June 27, 2011

little milestones

finally got the chance to start one of my little projects!
last night, after putting little bb to sleep and despite of my extreme tiredness,
i managed to make a summer blankie for little bb.

i used organic cotton fabric for one side and cotton fabric with starry prints on the other side.
a trimming with tiny puffs in baby blue was added to give the blankie some texture.

i especially like the fabric with starry prints.  
the material is very soft and a little bit stretchable....  

the blankie is harder to make than i thought...  
because both fabrics are a bit stretchable,
it becomes a bit difficult to run them through the sewing machine.
nonetheless, i am quite happy with the result *smile*

still got a bit of the starry print fabric left. 
am thinking of making a pair of shorts for little bb.

we had lots of fun with little bb before he fell asleep last night.
he was unusually active and happy...
kept rolling back and forth, pushing him up with his hands,
turning over and sitting up non-stop.....
in fact, it is the first time we see him sitting up all by himself successfully.
we think he must be very happy with this milestone and hence kept giggling before entering into dreamland.... 

and when we thought his teething process is in sleeping mode after his two lower front teeth made their grand entrance,
another four little ones have started heading out....
the two upper front teeth are clearly visible now, 
and the two on the sides are still a bit shy.


kat said...

Lovely to catch up with your posts Aileen. Little BB is growing so fast and he is just the sweetest.
The blanket you made is gorgeous too
Love to you both Kat xxx

aileen ♥ motu said...

thanks for dropping by again kat. ^_^