Thursday, May 26, 2011


may is coming to an end
and so are my long weekends.

as i need to use all the carry forward days from last year before end of may,
i have been taking days off every week in may, giving me long weekends every week.

tomorrow is the start of my last long weekend......

working only three days a week for an entire month makes time go by really fast,
especially the time in the office.
i am going to miss these long weekends.

i would like to spend my last long weekend in a relaxed manner.....
lying in bed with little bb till late in the morning,
do some reading,
make some little things for little bb,
listen to my music while surfing on the net and sipping coffee....


i just had a heart melting moment...
in the midst of little bb trying to fall asleep,
he didn't take his eyes off me...
one moment, he would be looking at me in the most gentle way 
and the next moment, his eyes would be half closed while still looking at me...
i placed my hand next to his little face to soothe him to sleep.

the most heart melting thing was
he had a smile on his face during the whole time
until he finally fell asleep....  with his little face next to my hand.....

my heart literally melted.

and tomorrow,
little bb will turn seven months old!!!

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