Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i see white!!!!!

the 2nd night we fed little bb with carrots...
he has two pieces of them and started getting really hungry,
so i didn't let him finish the rest and fed him milk instead.
didn't want to ruin his appetite (because he has been on a milk strike for quite a long time already!)

while i was feeding little bb with the mashed carrots,
brownie and sugar rushed over and kept tapping my knees...
guess the *aroma* of mashed carrots flew to their way!
we didn't want them to feel left out so we gave a couple pieces of carrots to them as well!
in fact, brownie is on hunger strike lately (we seriously suspect brownie and little bb have formed an alliance...... to use food to control us!  hahahahaa).
we are hoping that by giving brownie food that we give to little bb, he will feel better and understand that he is not being ignored.

i saw something white shining and blinking inside little bb's mouth!
two of them!  waving their hands at me while i was cleaning little bb's mouth after carrot-time!
i was soooooo thrilled and called out loud to somotu....
two of them showing their heads on the lower jaw....  the one on the left seems to be more eager and keen on meeting us all....


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