Friday, May 6, 2011

free day

i have to clear all the carry forward vacation days from last year by the end of this month.

instead of taking them all in one go,
i have decided to spread them out throughout the month of may so that i only need to work for 2 - 3 days each week....  coupled with the public holidays in may... yay!

it feels like licking a candy instead of swallowing it (savoring the taste),
it feels like saving the purple colored gummy for the last (purple is always my favorite gummy color and with the best taste), 
it feels like saving your favorite piece of sashimi in a sashimi don for the last (i don't eat raw fish, but according to somotu who is crazy about them, he said this is THE way to enjoy the don),
it feels like i am working part-time or on those flexi work arrangements (i always envy those on this kind of arrangement)

so, today is my day off.
and had lots of fun with little bb....

we spent the whole morning lying on bed.
we practiced rolling over, sitting, walking,
little bb's interest in objects is ever growing ~ he loves to grab things and pass them from one hand to the other.
i guess the one thing that i am not as keen in seeing him grabbing is..... my hair. 

while playing, lots of ideas twinkled over my head.
of things to make for little bb and myself.

i immediately grabbed my moleskine and jotted them down.
and yes, this moleskine is not just any moleskine ~ it's little prince's!!!!
got it not too long ago but when i tried to go back to the store to get another one,
i couldn't find them anymore...  all sold out?

i am still off next monday,
though i was informed that i need to attend a work related call on monday afternoon,
i am hoping that i will have time to start working on these ideas!


joanna said...

i was just thinking about you might like that little prince moleskin when i saw it the other day! i think i saw it in the bookstores in central.

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh really!? talk to you more tomolo