Tuesday, May 3, 2011

flowery chores

i found the ironing board i have too boring...
it's the standard silvery shade type.

the covers available at stores are not the type i like either...  they are either in dull colors or the pattern is too bold and loud.

the closest matches i have come across is this and this.

the first one from cath kidston ~ i am not in love with the patterns, but at least they are not in bold red, yellow, orange, etc... i thought i could live with it.  just when i was about to add the item to the shopping basket, i realize that the measurements do not fit my ironing board.  so i had to pass.

the second one from laura ashley ~ i quite like the second set shown, the blue one.  but there isn't anywhere on the page that allows me to indicate my choice of pattern!  so weird!  so, i had to pass too.

in the end, i decided to make my own.... since i have lots of fabrics sitting idle at home, this will be a good use of them.

i chose this pale blue flowery cotton fabrics (which has been sitting in the closet for years),
then i set off making my own.

it's actually a lot easier than i thought and didn't take too long either.

all i had to do was to:
first, placed the fabrics on top of the ironing board and cut out the shape i need (allowing enough margin for folding the edges twice);
then, ran the fabrics through the sewing machine to secure the folded edge;
next, fold the edge inward again and thread a long piece of lace through;
secured the folded edge by running through the sewing machine again;
finally, i placed the cover over the board and pull the lace together so that the cover fitted perfectly around the board.

happy happy!
now ironing is a lot "prettier" to the eyes...


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