Monday, May 16, 2011


little bb had a few first times today!

his first time to ride the MTR
his first time to join a playgroup
his first time to have real food
*almost* his first time to feel rain falling on his face

in the mtr, he was fascinated with the crowds of people and flashing lights....
he kept looking upwards to stare at the moving signboards...
a curious boy!

i wasn't planning on having little bb join playgroup at this stage
but this particular one was recommended by a friend 
and since we could go for a trial session, no harm to see what it's like!

i did not expect little bb to be able to stay calm and quiet for the entire session.
but to my surprise, he turned out to be the most calm kid and smiley kid in the session.
he even managed to "talk" to the teacher and "flirt" with the cute little baby girl next to him!

putting aside whether i think the playgroup demonstrates the mission the founder meant to bring forth,
i did have a wonderful time with little bb.
it's all worthwhile when i saw how much he enjoyed himself and tried his best to do what he was asked to do.

he enjoyed the body massage and bouncy ball times
and he had the most fun when the teacher played dance music...
he stood up (with my help) and kept stamping his little feet and moving right and left....

he was the oldest kid in the session as the other babies are around 4 to 5 months old only.
it was amazing to see how these younger babies were able to point at the right flash cards when asked to!
and of course, little bb wasn't able to....  he grabbed both flash cards instead!  ha!

and to bring a wonderful and adventurous day to an end, little bb was introduced to CARROT!
not counting milk and rice cereal, this is his first real food!
i had fun mashing them!


at first, i used a fork to mash the carrots on a plate.... couldn't mash fine enough though.
then i remember the mashing kit i got from muji.....  see, it's much better! 

little bb's first taste of carrots brought his eyebrows together!
he must be thinking, what is this stuff!?  
but he was a good boy and did not push them out from his mouth....
after around 3 baby spoonfuls, he got sleepy.

tomorrow, we will try the carrots again!


joanna said...

can really tell bb andre is a very good boy even at this age!!! i can imagine the happiness you feel when you "hang out" with your little treasure!! so happy for you, kai ma!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

i hope he will grow up to be as good and well behaved as sansan and didi.