Saturday, May 28, 2011

the first set

made a matching set for little bb last weekend.....
a white sleeveless top and a pair of shorts

it is the very first pair of shorts made.
and my first time using elastics!
it wasn't as hard as i thought and i plan to make more of these shorts.
i think they are perfect for summer!

i have thought of different variations for the top,
either to add a little pocket
do some stitches to make patterns / letters 
or add an iron on pattern to it.

in the end, i settled with adding two teenie tiny buttons on the front.
one in white and one in baby blue.

i very much want to try the iron on patterns
will save it for the next top i make!

it was raining really hard outside while i was finishing off this top last sunday.
i had chet baker's music on the play....
blended with the sound of the rain, 
and with my beloved ones next to me,
it is one of the most heart warming moments!

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