Thursday, May 26, 2011


the dinner menu for little bb has changed this week!

pumpkin it is!
it is served in two different *styles*:
1. steamed and finely mashed
2. blended with rice congee

and our chefs for this week are (still) MAMA and nanny!
yum yum!

little bb likes pumpkin more than carrots and is able to finish the entire serving (so far)....
but he doesn't seem to enjoy the rice congee as much...
last night, he discovered the joy of blowing water / congee in his mouth..... 
he kept blowing every mouthful of congee i fed him....  arrghhhh!


there has been quite a lot of management / people changes at work.
i can't help but wonder whether i will still have a job after they decided on the structure of the teams.

although i struggle every morning when i leave little bb behind to go to work,
i don't think it will be good for us all if i become a full time mom.
i can see myself getting too focused on little bb and all the little details....
which may suffocate little bb, somotu and myself!

will wait and see what happens at work...

i would like to think that there is a reason to all happenings....

just like i kept questioning myself whether it was the right thing to do to leave my previous job and accept the offer from where i am now.
with all that has happened in the past year, i guess i was led to make the decision to take on this role so that i could get myself ready to welcome the arrival of little bb.
otherwise, with the stress and long working hours from my previous job, i don't think i could have survived / stayed sane.

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