Saturday, May 14, 2011

assignment no.1

during my long weekend this past week,
i managed to squeezed in some time to start working on some of the ideas i have jotted down in my little prince's moleskine...

the very first thing i worked on was this.... 
a pouch / a little bag to hold little bb's bibs, napkins, towels, toys while we are on the go.

choosing what fabrics to use was tough as most of my fabrics are either too flowery or too girly.
i ended up using the above combination: polka dot + not so girly looking big print flowers + not so girl looking print flowers.
i know, i know...  flowers? boys?
but hey, at least it is blue in color.... not pink!
and remember, it is me (mama) who is the one using it afterall!  *smile*

this long weekend of mine (yes, i will be taking days off again to make it a long weekend!),
i plan to make outfits for little bb....
very excited!!

as always, 
so little time, so many things to do!