Monday, May 30, 2011

how i spent my sunday morning

while little bb was sleeping after his morning feeding,
i sat down to do something i have wanted to do many months ago.

seven months ago, when little bb was still inside my tummy,
i tried to make a padded drawstring bag for my polaroid.
it wasn't successful as the measurements i took turned out to be too small.

seven months later, i finally have the chance to try making another one again.

this time, i am more generous with the measurements. 
and it turned out to fit the polaroid well!

the black initial motif was from the lace center.  it is the only one i have.
i was reluctant to use it before, but i like the black + neutral color combination...
i got a good excuse to use it this time!

the ruffles are cut off from an old top and the different pieces of lace are collected over time.
some are new and some are vintage.  also stamped a nice french script on the bag which is now partly covered by the ruffles...  

and a little birdie charm is added to the motif.

by the time little bb woke up, the bag was done!
perfect timing!

and thank you my dear boy, for allowing me time to make something for myself!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

the first set

made a matching set for little bb last weekend.....
a white sleeveless top and a pair of shorts

it is the very first pair of shorts made.
and my first time using elastics!
it wasn't as hard as i thought and i plan to make more of these shorts.
i think they are perfect for summer!

i have thought of different variations for the top,
either to add a little pocket
do some stitches to make patterns / letters 
or add an iron on pattern to it.

in the end, i settled with adding two teenie tiny buttons on the front.
one in white and one in baby blue.

i very much want to try the iron on patterns
will save it for the next top i make!

it was raining really hard outside while i was finishing off this top last sunday.
i had chet baker's music on the play....
blended with the sound of the rain, 
and with my beloved ones next to me,
it is one of the most heart warming moments!

Friday, May 27, 2011

lost and found

spent most of the day at my parents' place today

while little bb was taking a nap in my old room,
i went through my old closets and boxes (as my mom wanted me to get rid of useless things).

ended up digging out piles of CDs, photo albums and stacks of clothes.

of the piles of CDs, i am very happy to find some that i thought i have lost from my moving back from the states....
this is one of them ~ hopscotch 跳房子.....  in fact, just the other day, there was an article about the vocalist of this group (田原) in the little thing magazine....  which reminded me that i have had this CD.
happy to see it and listen to it again!

and then the stack of clothes....  they are all summer clothes....
which is good, as no excuse for me to do shopping for my closet this summer....
in fact, with this many clothes, i shouldn't be doing any shopping for many summers to come!

Thursday, May 26, 2011


may is coming to an end
and so are my long weekends.

as i need to use all the carry forward days from last year before end of may,
i have been taking days off every week in may, giving me long weekends every week.

tomorrow is the start of my last long weekend......

working only three days a week for an entire month makes time go by really fast,
especially the time in the office.
i am going to miss these long weekends.

i would like to spend my last long weekend in a relaxed manner.....
lying in bed with little bb till late in the morning,
do some reading,
make some little things for little bb,
listen to my music while surfing on the net and sipping coffee....


i just had a heart melting moment...
in the midst of little bb trying to fall asleep,
he didn't take his eyes off me...
one moment, he would be looking at me in the most gentle way 
and the next moment, his eyes would be half closed while still looking at me...
i placed my hand next to his little face to soothe him to sleep.

the most heart melting thing was
he had a smile on his face during the whole time
until he finally fell asleep....  with his little face next to my hand.....

my heart literally melted.

and tomorrow,
little bb will turn seven months old!!!


the dinner menu for little bb has changed this week!

pumpkin it is!
it is served in two different *styles*:
1. steamed and finely mashed
2. blended with rice congee

and our chefs for this week are (still) MAMA and nanny!
yum yum!

little bb likes pumpkin more than carrots and is able to finish the entire serving (so far)....
but he doesn't seem to enjoy the rice congee as much...
last night, he discovered the joy of blowing water / congee in his mouth..... 
he kept blowing every mouthful of congee i fed him....  arrghhhh!


there has been quite a lot of management / people changes at work.
i can't help but wonder whether i will still have a job after they decided on the structure of the teams.

although i struggle every morning when i leave little bb behind to go to work,
i don't think it will be good for us all if i become a full time mom.
i can see myself getting too focused on little bb and all the little details....
which may suffocate little bb, somotu and myself!

will wait and see what happens at work...

i would like to think that there is a reason to all happenings....

just like i kept questioning myself whether it was the right thing to do to leave my previous job and accept the offer from where i am now.
with all that has happened in the past year, i guess i was led to make the decision to take on this role so that i could get myself ready to welcome the arrival of little bb.
otherwise, with the stress and long working hours from my previous job, i don't think i could have survived / stayed sane.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

clouds no more

took brownie and sugar to the doggie house for grooming last friday....
it has been a long long while since they last got it done professionally.
the last time was right before chinese new year.

so you could imagine what they had been looking like before last friday....
no eyes, no paws, rounded like two pieces of cloud running around the house!

after the grooming, we could finally see their body shape and oh my!

the two of them got really thirsty after spending the whole morning at the doggie house,
both of them had their tongues sticking out....
it's a really funny scene:

... this is a funny shot too....
very seldom do we get to see brownie's mouth opened showing his teeth like this.


these couple of days have been very painful....
i am having a humongous humongous giant giant cold sore in my mouth...
and it has tactically positioned itself so that no matter what i do, it hurts like crazy.....
i can't sleep, i can't drink, i can't eat and i can't talk properly....

i almost wanted to faint during a conference call at work today...
but it just wasn't possible for me to say,
"excuse me, i need to take a break as my cold sore doesn't want me to speak up"

and what is the most annoying thing out of this?
i can't talk talk talk to little bb as much as i want to!
it hurts so much that at times, i can only look at him...  i can't even smile.... arrghhhh

Monday, May 23, 2011

the playpen

the long awaited playpen has finally arrived on saturday!

the first thing we let little bb did inside was to stand while holding onto to the rings on the side.

he enjoyed it very very much! he kept stamping his little feet and smiled at us.....

the playpen should give him more space to play, sit, stand, doze off......
during the day time when we are at work and nanny is busy with house work...

one thing i am very much relieved is that sugar and brownie are not scared by the playpen....
i thought this big monster would make them very scared and hide in our room.
but luckily, it turned out fine.
they walk pass the playpen as if it isn't there!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

another first

many first times for little bb and myself...
and this is another *first*
my first handmade top for little bb

many times i had taken the materials out, planning to make clothes for little bb when he was still in my tummy...
but each time, i ended up putting the things away....
mainly because i really didn't know what to make when i didn't know what he was going to look like / be like...

and then since his birth, i was too busy / lazy with this and that,
that i only finally had time to make a top for him last weekend.

i made a few mistakes with the measurements....
the sleeves turned out to be a bit tight... but luckily his little arms can still go through them... 

i was very happy that i found matching press studs to go with the greyish blue polka dot fabric!

and then i added a tiny little initial motif on the front

.... little bb posing for mama....
i must admit that the top turned out to be a little bit girly.... hehehe...
i will try to make sure that the next one i make is more boyish ^_^

it's really fun making the top for little bb....
i have ordered quite a lot of fabrics for making outfits, blankets, cushions and toys for little bb
they should be on their way!
very excited!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i see white!!!!!

the 2nd night we fed little bb with carrots...
he has two pieces of them and started getting really hungry,
so i didn't let him finish the rest and fed him milk instead.
didn't want to ruin his appetite (because he has been on a milk strike for quite a long time already!)

while i was feeding little bb with the mashed carrots,
brownie and sugar rushed over and kept tapping my knees...
guess the *aroma* of mashed carrots flew to their way!
we didn't want them to feel left out so we gave a couple pieces of carrots to them as well!
in fact, brownie is on hunger strike lately (we seriously suspect brownie and little bb have formed an alliance...... to use food to control us!  hahahahaa).
we are hoping that by giving brownie food that we give to little bb, he will feel better and understand that he is not being ignored.

i saw something white shining and blinking inside little bb's mouth!
two of them!  waving their hands at me while i was cleaning little bb's mouth after carrot-time!
i was soooooo thrilled and called out loud to somotu....
two of them showing their heads on the lower jaw....  the one on the left seems to be more eager and keen on meeting us all....


Monday, May 16, 2011


little bb had a few first times today!

his first time to ride the MTR
his first time to join a playgroup
his first time to have real food
*almost* his first time to feel rain falling on his face

in the mtr, he was fascinated with the crowds of people and flashing lights....
he kept looking upwards to stare at the moving signboards...
a curious boy!

i wasn't planning on having little bb join playgroup at this stage
but this particular one was recommended by a friend 
and since we could go for a trial session, no harm to see what it's like!

i did not expect little bb to be able to stay calm and quiet for the entire session.
but to my surprise, he turned out to be the most calm kid and smiley kid in the session.
he even managed to "talk" to the teacher and "flirt" with the cute little baby girl next to him!

putting aside whether i think the playgroup demonstrates the mission the founder meant to bring forth,
i did have a wonderful time with little bb.
it's all worthwhile when i saw how much he enjoyed himself and tried his best to do what he was asked to do.

he enjoyed the body massage and bouncy ball times
and he had the most fun when the teacher played dance music...
he stood up (with my help) and kept stamping his little feet and moving right and left....

he was the oldest kid in the session as the other babies are around 4 to 5 months old only.
it was amazing to see how these younger babies were able to point at the right flash cards when asked to!
and of course, little bb wasn't able to....  he grabbed both flash cards instead!  ha!

and to bring a wonderful and adventurous day to an end, little bb was introduced to CARROT!
not counting milk and rice cereal, this is his first real food!
i had fun mashing them!


at first, i used a fork to mash the carrots on a plate.... couldn't mash fine enough though.
then i remember the mashing kit i got from muji.....  see, it's much better! 

little bb's first taste of carrots brought his eyebrows together!
he must be thinking, what is this stuff!?  
but he was a good boy and did not push them out from his mouth....
after around 3 baby spoonfuls, he got sleepy.

tomorrow, we will try the carrots again!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

summer shades

ballet & oxford shoes in the softest shade....
ready for summer!

please don't rain too hard tomorrow...
not that i want to wear them tomorrow,
but that i need to travel a bit with little bb tomorrow...

still working on assignment no.3
which is harder than i thought!

i am desperate to do something with my hair
it's becoming out of control again.
am thinking of getting a perm again,
the problem is i don't really have the time to spend hours in the salon....

Saturday, May 14, 2011

assignment no.1

during my long weekend this past week,
i managed to squeezed in some time to start working on some of the ideas i have jotted down in my little prince's moleskine...

the very first thing i worked on was this.... 
a pouch / a little bag to hold little bb's bibs, napkins, towels, toys while we are on the go.

choosing what fabrics to use was tough as most of my fabrics are either too flowery or too girly.
i ended up using the above combination: polka dot + not so girly looking big print flowers + not so girl looking print flowers.
i know, i know...  flowers? boys?
but hey, at least it is blue in color.... not pink!
and remember, it is me (mama) who is the one using it afterall!  *smile*

this long weekend of mine (yes, i will be taking days off again to make it a long weekend!),
i plan to make outfits for little bb....
very excited!!

as always, 
so little time, so many things to do!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

mother's day

you are more than a grandma to me
your are a friend, a mother, a mentor to me

it's the most scarcastic thing to lose you before mother's day

last year's mother's day was gloomy

it's my first mother's day
honestly, i don't feel anything special
maybe when little bb can call me mommy, it will be different

Saturday, May 7, 2011

may 7th

today, have to do two things for two of the most important persons in my life.
little bb and my grandma.

it's due date for little bb to get his 6 month's old immunization.
his reaction to the shots this round is the worst we have seen.
in the afternoon, he was well and in a very happy mood.  
at night time, he suddenly became very unsettled...  continued crying and wouldn't drink his milk.
he tried to sleep but couldn't....
poor little boy....   i wish there is something mama could do to make all this pain and unwell feeling go away immediately for you.

and a year ago, grandma left us.
grandma has been feeling unwell for quite some time last year, but i had always thought that she would be fine again and would happily await the arrival of little bb together with us.

i couldn't believe you just left us like that.
in my mind, i had pictures of you carrying little bb, passing on to me your baby tips....
we would be having family gatherings on saturday night at my mom's house,
sunday lunches....
i am sure you would spoil little bb.

i miss you so much
and wanted so so so incredibly much that you could meet little bb.

just a few more months, why couldn't you wait????

we came to see you at your resting place this morning.
every one was surprisingly calm, including mom.

you visited some of us in their dreams.
but how come you don't come to see me anymore?

i once heard some one saying that the memories of even one's fondest person fade over time.
this is the scariest thought.

it is still vivid in my mind of the moment when i held your cold hands to my face....
i don't think memories will fade,
but the tangible seem to fade a little.
this is a scary thought.