Monday, April 18, 2011

the very first "mum mum"

little bb has started his first solid two sundays ago.
originally we planned to introduce solids to him when he is six months old.
but he has been refusing milk for quite a prolonged period and his weight gain has slowed down quite a bit, so after consulting with our doctor, we decided to start earlier.

i got a couple of books on weaning and have some idea of the first solids i want him to try.
that morning, we sat him in his high chair, had the camera ready
and set off for his (and ours) exciting first time!

as the books have emphasized that the first few trials are really more for him to experience eating something else other than milk and not so much about the amount he takes, 
i had set the expectation that one spoonful would be very good already.

little bb ended up taking more than a spoonful.
at first, he was quite confused with the spoon and the milky substance that was put forth to him....
but after a few trials, he figured out that he needed to open his little mouth and gobbled the yummy milky substance.....
a few more trials, he was already leaning forward to us when he saw the spoon making its way to his little mouth!

it is a really wonderful experience for me!!!!   it is amazing to see how quickly he figured out what he needs to do!

as suggested by the books, i got an extra spoon for him to hold while i feed him.....
watching his little fingers finding their ways around the spoon was another highlight of the day!!!


Anonymous said...

how good!

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi jenny! how r u? hope all is well!!!