Wednesday, April 27, 2011


6 months ago today,
you made your entrance to this world.

you were a tiny little one who could barely open your eyes.

as each day passes by,
you grow a little,
you change a little,
you learn a little...

while you make your little steps to get accustomed to this world,
mama and papa also make little steps to learn about parenting.

there are moments when nothing could seem to satisfy you
and there are moments when mama and papa are just simply lost.

but as soon as we see you smile and giggle,
we forget about all those lost-feelings and exhaustion.

this morning when i woke up, the scenes from six months ago flashed before my eyes.
of how i was getting more and more nervous while getting ready to head off to the hospital.
of the ride from home to hospital....  a ride of 2 and how it became a ride of 3 upon return.
of all the things i went through in the hospital.
of the moment you came to the world.
of the very first hug mama gave you.....
of that very first night in the hospital......
of that very first family photo in which you stared at mama.....  

my heart melted....

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

busy night tonight

got it after work
busy busy busy
read read read the lyrics, booklet, etc
import import import to iphone
listen listen listen


manicure and pedicure night as well
for brownie & sugar


dream dream dream
what life would be / could be


Sunday, April 24, 2011

birth day

the father at the church said
"today is also your child's birth day.  
in fact this day is more important than his birth date.
as today is the day he joins the family of God."

having you baptized adds one more responsibility on our shoulders,
we need to set a good example for you ~ spiritually.

Friday, April 22, 2011

our journey together

little bb has been practicing different poses lately
rolling over, sitting, standing....

we have been told by friends who has already gone through these stages that we should enjoy this period as much as possible, as soon, this honey moon period will be over......
the real exhaustive journey is going to kick off once little bb walks and talks....

yes, we are enjoying every moment....
even those moments when little bb is fast asleep....
i love to lay down next to little bb and watch him sleep...
i love those little expressions on his face...  one second he will smile, the next second he will frown....
little bb, i wonder what dreams you are having.....  
do you see mama and papa in your dreams?

while watching you sleep, i think of the time when you will start talking...
the kind of conversation we will have....

we have a long journey ahead of us
mama and papa will be right next to you no matter what

clap clap

The Cherry Blossom Girl pour Etam from Alix on Vimeo.

this song lifted me up....................
from a bad bad day

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

too cute to handle

when reduced to 1/n-th of big people's size,
all things become tooooo cute.

mama has this mysterious obession with shoes,
so how can mama not be overly obessed with baby shoes?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

dream came true

a vintage looking dress form has been on the top of my wish list for a long time.

last year, after we have settled down in our new home,
i started looking around for one - a full sized one.
having compared the different forms, materials, prices, i came close to making a decision.

for some reasons, i didn't get it in the end.
somotu kept asking me why i passed on it when i have been wanting to own one for so long.
i didn't know, i just felt like it could wait a little longer.....

after awhile, i found out i was expecting.
probably that's why deep inside, i knew i shouldn't be getting a full sized dress form.
i would have no room left for little bb's cot if i did get the dress form!

i have totally put this top-wish-list item aside until i saw this miniture one.
it's exactly the kind i love!
vintage looking, raw in finish and with letters / words on it!!!
the minute i saw it, i knew i had to get it!

i think it looks nice at this little corner of mine.....

my plan is to start making necklaces and brooches again
and use the dress form to model them!

Monday, April 18, 2011

the very first "mum mum"

little bb has started his first solid two sundays ago.
originally we planned to introduce solids to him when he is six months old.
but he has been refusing milk for quite a prolonged period and his weight gain has slowed down quite a bit, so after consulting with our doctor, we decided to start earlier.

i got a couple of books on weaning and have some idea of the first solids i want him to try.
that morning, we sat him in his high chair, had the camera ready
and set off for his (and ours) exciting first time!

as the books have emphasized that the first few trials are really more for him to experience eating something else other than milk and not so much about the amount he takes, 
i had set the expectation that one spoonful would be very good already.

little bb ended up taking more than a spoonful.
at first, he was quite confused with the spoon and the milky substance that was put forth to him....
but after a few trials, he figured out that he needed to open his little mouth and gobbled the yummy milky substance.....
a few more trials, he was already leaning forward to us when he saw the spoon making its way to his little mouth!

it is a really wonderful experience for me!!!!   it is amazing to see how quickly he figured out what he needs to do!

as suggested by the books, i got an extra spoon for him to hold while i feed him.....
watching his little fingers finding their ways around the spoon was another highlight of the day!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


went to my mother's place last saturday
digged up all the yellowed photo albums

until i saw pictures of me when i was a baby
i didn't realize how much we look alike!  *smile*

Friday, April 8, 2011

the first sip

last sunday,
little bb has his first sip from a spoon!

i didn't really think he would like the idea
but to my surprise,
he was more than ready to "drink" from the spoon.

as soon as i held the spoon close to his mouth,
he opened his mouth (very naturally) and sipped water from the spoon!

tomorrow, we are planning to introduce him to solids.
another milestone!
and one step closer to being a big boy!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

still room?

somewhere in between
i think there is still room for another poopoo..............

don't worry, i mean it literally.....

secretly, yes

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

snow white

i wish things are just as pure and white 

xoxo good night

little bb has been sleeping on his own (in his own room) every night since couple weeks ago...

how ever much i want him to sleep next to me so that i can hug him and cuddle him
i need to let go and let him become a big boy

every night when i put him to sleep in his bed and kiss him good night
i want to keep kissing his cheeks and forehead
i want to keep patting his head, feeling his soft hair.....
don't want to leave him....

good night little bb
mama will see you in the morning....


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

1/nth of big people


a wind breaker and flower shirt

burgers, hot dogs
french fries (will they be longer than your fingers???)

all 1/5?  1/6?   1/7?   1/8?   1/9?  1/nth of the size of a big boy's?

everything looks so cute and adorable when they are only 1/nth of the size of big people's!!! 

and i wonder what will it be like when you can really order from the kids' menu!!!

little bb,
you received your very first kids' menu and kids' play kit from the restaurant....
mama will be keeping them for your memories (or really, more for mama's memories!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


* luv the layering.... 
* luv the collar of the shirt 
* luv luv luv the flared sweater...

* in love!  totally adore this dress!
love how the dress flows as she walks....
i would wear this on my big day (that is if i could go back in time!)

* love how the yellow lace look alike slip is layered with the skirt

all from sacai's f/w 2011 collection

Friday, April 1, 2011

heart heart heart this coordination!
heart heart heart the layers
heart heart heart the lace!