Thursday, March 17, 2011

for the pleasure of mama

this is the basket that was used to hold baby gifts (thanks joanna!!)
i find it too pretty to be discarded so i kept it, saving it for later use.
one of the usages i can think of is to house all the toys and story books of little bb...
it will be so cute and funny to see him walk like a penguin to the basket and dig into the basket for his stuff.
but until little bb can walk, i will be borrowing it for my own use....  to house all the misc items...

last sunday, i sat down to make an inner cover for it so that it can last longer....

as usual, i threw in a lot of lace!!!
first, i lined it with a wide piece of vintage lace in cream color;
then on one side of the basket, i added layers of different pieces of lace...
some are vintage and some are brand new...
apart from lace, i also used distressed silk ribbons, velvet flowers, cream organza (oh i love the look of gathered organza!!!) and an initial monogram.... 
most of them are materials which i have been reluctant to use because i have limited or only one piece,
but i thought to myself, "what am i waiting for...  just use them so that they won't be hiding in the closet.  it will make be happy whenever i see them!"

i am quite happy with the end product....
while sugar and brownie were very curious and scared at the beginning....
they kept walking in circles, sniffing it.

then i made brownie stand still (bad mama)
but he wouldn't take his eyes off the basket!
maybe he thinks the basket will suddenly talk, move and get him!

and sugar, the one who always panic,
stood still....  with her front limbs wide apart like the letter "A"

how could little bb miss all the fun with the basket!!!
we placed him inside and WE had lots of fun!

sorry little bb, until you can walk, mama will treat you like my little toy!


joanna said...

super good job, kai ma!!

how precious is that with bb andre peeking from inside!?? ^^

Judith said...

wow, thats so cute ü

quitur said...

your son is damn CUTE!

with thick eyebrows
chubby round face
(and a funny shape of mouth~ pls revisit the photo, and u will see, hehe! )

handsome boy....arhhhh

Miss LK said...

Surrounded by so much cuteness, you're a HAPPY mom!

And your little one is a handsome boy :) His furry siblings are treating him like a king I figure.

aileen ♥ motu said...


i think his furry siblings are treating him like their toy!