Wednesday, February 2, 2011

red is for chinese new year!

tomorrow is the first day of chinese new year
to get our little bb ready for it, i have made two little bowties for him.

red is not really my kind of color, but just to be festive, i let a little bit of red slipped in.
as i don't really have any fabrics in red and i didn't want to buy a big piece only to use a tiny corner,
i decided to "recycle" a christmas outfit which was a gift from little bb's godmother (sorry KM!).

part of the santa outfit has now become a tiny bowtie ~ actually not really too tiny.....
i deliberately made it a bit bigger so that it will look funny on little bb.
tried on him just now, and it makes little bb looks like mickey mouse!!

after finishing the red bowtie, i made another one..... in my kind of color and style!  hehehehe....
to make the bowtie a little bit less boring, i added an initial motif to it.....
it took me awhile to decide which motif to use..... 
i do have lots of different motifs with the initial *A* but hmmmm..... i think i better stick to one that is less feminine..........
so this one, with less flowery and lacey pattern, it is!

both bowties are stuffed and are puffy ~~  looks quite cartoon-ish on little bb!
and i think they can be used as bibs too as little bb has started drooling alot lately!

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