Thursday, February 24, 2011


little bb is getting more and more active and curious by day.

when sitted in his high chair, instead of sleeping and dozing off,
he is staying awake more, watching us moving around the house, waving his little hands at us,
and kicking kicking kicking.

he kicks very hard.
as he is growing bigger and bigger, his little feet are now touching the plastic edge of the high chair.
as he kicks, his little feet bangs at the edge and makes "bang bang bang" sound all the time.

the sound itself makes us think his little feet feet must be in pain....

although he doesn't seem to be bothered, i made a cushion so that his little feet will be banging against it instead of the plastic edge of the high chair.

to match the color of his high chair, i used beige fabrics.
the front is made with a piece of polka dot fabrics which i got a long time ago but never used.
the bottom is a piece of flowery fabrics.
then i used a piece of lace with tiny pom pom balls around the cushion to make it less boring.
to top things off, i added a lace monogram with the initial "A" and a little ribbon bow.

kick kick kick!

to secure the cushion, there is a piece of ribbon (with matching polka dots pattern!) to tie it to the chair.

little bb, you can now "kick-all-you-want" without mama (not you) feeling painful


joanna said...

absolutely adorable!!

petit etoile小星星 said...

you know mom tried to make one like yours but the boys can still kick it bb is timid and not rough like my boys

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh! even if you tie it to the bottom of the chair? i tied it to the metal pieces at the bottom of the chair...

ashlee 魚 said...

this piece is so pretty !

I laughed when I read "kick-all-you-want" :D

aileen ♥ motu said...

thx ashlee.... he is outgrowing the cushion again! i need to make another one soon i think!