Saturday, February 26, 2011

back to reality

i just had my first week of returning to work.

after four months of dreamland, i finally have to wake up and return to reality.

the past four months went by so quickly that i feel like it was only yesterday i was lying in bed, waiting to be pushed to the delivery room.

i still remember how i was telling my managers that perhaps i wouldn't need four months of maternity leave as i would feel bored.  they insisted that i would need all four months and it might even be the case that it would not be enough. 

so glad that i took their advice.  four months went by too quickly.  i think i could have eternity and still not be enough.

if you ask me what have i done in the past four months, i don't think i can provide any concrete answers.  i can only say that each day spent with little bb is so filled with love and happiness.  no two days were the same.  each day, little bb would made little progress like moving his little hands, fingers, feet, making different sounds, smiling, turning his head.  i am so glad i was there to enjoy and witness those moments.

and i am so so glad that i made the decision to give that up so that i could have all four months with little bb.  there is nothing on earth that i would have given up in exchange for the time spent with little bb.

returning to work is truly a challenge, emotionally.  the night before my first day of work, tears almost came to my eyes when the thought of having to leave little bb for hours and hours came up. 

and there are so many worries too such as whether he will become less attached to me and more to our nanny......

.....  i have been told over and over again that things will turn out fine...  which i think they will....  but i just need some time to adjust my mind....

Thursday, February 24, 2011


little bb is getting more and more active and curious by day.

when sitted in his high chair, instead of sleeping and dozing off,
he is staying awake more, watching us moving around the house, waving his little hands at us,
and kicking kicking kicking.

he kicks very hard.
as he is growing bigger and bigger, his little feet are now touching the plastic edge of the high chair.
as he kicks, his little feet bangs at the edge and makes "bang bang bang" sound all the time.

the sound itself makes us think his little feet feet must be in pain....

although he doesn't seem to be bothered, i made a cushion so that his little feet will be banging against it instead of the plastic edge of the high chair.

to match the color of his high chair, i used beige fabrics.
the front is made with a piece of polka dot fabrics which i got a long time ago but never used.
the bottom is a piece of flowery fabrics.
then i used a piece of lace with tiny pom pom balls around the cushion to make it less boring.
to top things off, i added a lace monogram with the initial "A" and a little ribbon bow.

kick kick kick!

to secure the cushion, there is a piece of ribbon (with matching polka dots pattern!) to tie it to the chair.

little bb, you can now "kick-all-you-want" without mama (not you) feeling painful

Thursday, February 17, 2011

little treasures

i was going through my closet the other day,
trying to tidy things up a bit
and found these long-forgotten little treasures.....

i think they look better by themselves than on me....

Monday, February 14, 2011


i have been thinking of putting together photo albums for little bb ever since he was born.
but i always find myself busy (actually busy with nothing) and have been pushing off this little project.
i reckon that i really need to get my hands to start working on it because very soon i will return to work and will have lesser time.

in our time where everything is made easy with technology, it seems like there is no longer a need to develop and keep pictures that can be held in our hands (hmmm just like there seems to be no need to write letters anymore.... such a shame).
i like flipping through old photo albums in which pages have turned yellow, notes scribbles here and there, the smell of aged paper....
and most importantly, sitting down with those i care and love, sharing and talking about the good old times....
these are the reasons why i like very much to have photo albums.
**actually there is one other reason.... a very silly one...
perhaps i am a techno-idiot, i always fear that i will ruin or lost all the files saved in my computer.
to be safe, it is always good to have hard copies!**

when little bb grows older, we will look at the albums page by page....
i will tell little bb what he was like when he was a baby, with pictures to show....

i have already selected and developed the photos i want to put in the photo albums.
all i need to do is to decorate the photo albums.
this afternoon, i finally set down to do so.
i found good use of these stamps....

.... and the typewriter....
** thank you so much again claudia!!!! **

.... and these nice little photo corners in white......

which i got from bangkok many years ago which i found "accidentally" while i was going through things underneath my bed.
i bought lots of them for the purposing of making photo albums of our wedding...
but as you can see, i never got the chance / time to do that....
i am glad that i find them and find a perfect reason to use them now!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


when it comes to cooking and anything to do with the kitchen,
i am extremely extremely clumpsy and that it seems all my common sense has vanished!

for all the years we have been married, i have only cooked once for somotu.
and that was the one and only one time.
because during the meal, somotu said "pleasssee, don't ever cook again."
that was how bad that meal went.

last week, while i was busy running around getting things for chinese new year,
i came across kits to make different kinds of sweeties at muji.
there are different difficulty levels and of course, i only let myself went for level 1 - EASY!

after much thought, i went for the kit for making chocolate balls on sticks... 
the photo on the kit box looks really attractive. 
and i thought drawing different patterns on the chocolates would be fun.
i did have hesitation....
as i wasn't sure if i could manage making the chocolate ball round enough, etc etc... many worries!

the process of making the chocolate balls was fun and not as difficult to manage as i thought
but i must admit i was nervous with shaky hands!!

i think the end products look quite alright....

this gives me a little bit more confidence to try something else....  or maybe even move up to level 2!

oh....  i almost forgot to mention...  i gave one to somotu to try and he said "quite good"!
yay x 2!!!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

little things for little people

while getting colored paper to make birthday hats for little bb,
i came across blank red pockets which are for making customized pockets for lai see money (lucky money for chinese new year).
i thought it would be quite fun to make customized lai see pockets ~ though i didn't really have any idea at the time.... 
also got two glittered glue pencils, one in gold and one in silver, just in case if i couldn't figure out what to do with the pockets, i could at least write and draw on them.

when i got home, i took out my treasure bag ~ a bag full of scraps, stickers, ribbons, doily paper, magazine cut outs ~ for ideas...
to my delight, i found a pack of heart-shaped doily paper in red and pink ~ never used before!
perfect colors for this festive holiday!
so i wrapped the doily paper around the pockets, added heart-shaped stickers here and there....
as a final touch, i wrote the chinese character,,  which stands for "blessings", with the glittered pencils i got on small squares cut out from red colored paper and glued to the red pockets.

i made three altogether...
for my god-children san san & didi and my little bb.

am quite happy with how the red pockets turned out!

and this one is for little bb........

on the first day of the chinese new year,
we gave the red pocket to little bb.
his first lai see money from us!

to get ready to go to visit little bb's grandmother and his 100th day little party,
we put on the little big bowtie i made for him, together with his brand new outfit.

i deliberately made the bowtie bigger....
and i couldn't help but kept giggling once we put on the bowtie...
he looks like hello kitty!  hehehe........

all ready for the first day of the chinese new year!
little bb's first chinese new year!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

red is for chinese new year!

tomorrow is the first day of chinese new year
to get our little bb ready for it, i have made two little bowties for him.

red is not really my kind of color, but just to be festive, i let a little bit of red slipped in.
as i don't really have any fabrics in red and i didn't want to buy a big piece only to use a tiny corner,
i decided to "recycle" a christmas outfit which was a gift from little bb's godmother (sorry KM!).

part of the santa outfit has now become a tiny bowtie ~ actually not really too tiny.....
i deliberately made it a bit bigger so that it will look funny on little bb.
tried on him just now, and it makes little bb looks like mickey mouse!!

after finishing the red bowtie, i made another one..... in my kind of color and style!  hehehehe....
to make the bowtie a little bit less boring, i added an initial motif to it.....
it took me awhile to decide which motif to use..... 
i do have lots of different motifs with the initial *A* but hmmmm..... i think i better stick to one that is less feminine..........
so this one, with less flowery and lacey pattern, it is!

both bowties are stuffed and are puffy ~~  looks quite cartoon-ish on little bb!
and i think they can be used as bibs too as little bb has started drooling alot lately!