Monday, January 17, 2011

a little difference

this one is a little bit different from the other two tops i worked on previously...
the difference is the color of the top...
for a change, this one is not white! 
which actually allows the lace and stuff i added to stand out more.

along the neck line, i added a handful of flower-shaped lace which were cut out from a piece of lace cloth.
then, along the bottom of the top, i added two layers ~
the first layer is a piece of distressed and hand-stamped ribbon;
and the second layer is the same piece of lace cloth which i have cut out the flower shapes.
i left a bit of the ribbon and lace cloth dangling on one side....  i quite like irregular shapes and forms...

i wore this with a cream color cardigan the other day.
turned out that the piece of lace at the bottom of the top didn't really show under the cardigan.
i think i need to add another layer of lace to make it stand out a bit more....

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