Sunday, November 14, 2010

thinking back

the many many days and months during my pregnancy,

the thing i craved crazily for but wasn't allowed ~~ COFFEE!!!!
(though i must admit a *few* cups did sneak through when no one was watching.... wahahahaha)

food that i craved for constantly and was allowed to indulge ~~ fruits
for the first two trimester, i constantly craved for melon and cantaloupe.
then in the last trimester, it was strawberries.  i just couldn't have enough of them!
and they were super yummy when dipped into chocolate!

food that i was made to eat daily ~~ eggs (just the egg white)
and you can appreciate it didn't take me too long to become really scared of them....

the thing that i was most embarrassed about ~~ bigger feet...
because of bigger feet, most of the shoes became a bit tight. 
when i walked around in the office, i could hear "queak queak" sound from shoes being a bit tight....

the most dangerous thing i did ~~ running across the street with my high heels in the rain.
that day after lunch, rain started pouring down like crazy.
with no hand (hand full of takeaway lunch boxes, cell phone, etc) to open the umbrella in time, i ran across the street to get back to the office building.
it wasn't until my friend yelled at me to remind me that i was pregnant that i stopped running....
that day, i was still wearing high heels, 3 inches.....  hahaha


ashlee 魚 said...


Ciyou said...

that was dangerous~!!
our friend who are pregnent, we disallow them to wear high heels

aileen ♥ motu said...

that's right... now when i think about it again, it's not advisable....