Saturday, July 3, 2010

wrapping up

today, friday here, the offsite conference ended.
contrary to my expectations when i set out from hong kong,
the week has been very packed.
meetings after meetings, time has passed by quickly.
it was really great being able to come out here to meet everyone in person.
it's a totally different story once you get to meet people in person, getting to know them, spending time with them, rather than from just talking over the phone.

my day at work ended around 5:30pm.
headed back to the hotel,
then dashed out to the city with somotu.
last time when we were in london, we didn't go to oxford circus.
so there we went.....
the sun sets quite late over here, so by the time we finished walking around and ready to head back to the hotel, the sun was still up there.

tomorrow, we plan to make a quick stop at covent garden.
then we would need to get back to the hotel on time for the car pick up to the airport.

though it's been quite nice out here,
i can't wait to be back home....
i miss my babies....


joop said...

Aileen, i've worked in canary wharf for a year and love it there. Love the river a lot!

U know there's ferry going out fr canary wharf to Covent garden. It's a very nice scenic ride. (actually it's to embankment but it's walking distance to covent garden) But better check time table :) have fun as London summer is the best!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

hihi joop ~ i m back!!!

no wonder you could tell where i was just by my description. prior to this trip, i never knew of canary wharf.... i have been to london for work but that was in the city, along fleet street. so when i first got to canary wharf, i thought it was a fairly new financial district! not until my colleagues told me it's been there for almost 20 years!

the ferry ride sounds very interesting... too bad i didn't have enough time to check out the place more. but definitely next time!