Saturday, July 31, 2010

i dream

...  that there could be less sky-high cement creatures which no one could afford living in
...  that there could be less places and malls that are identical to each other

... that there could be more playgrounds for the young ones and those young at heart.........

... that there could be more of the blue sky which can be easily seen

it would be really nice if we can have a ride on a carousel during anytime of the day...
during lunch break,
while waiting for someone
or just whenever you feel like it.........

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

day dreaming............

or rather
night dreaming.......
about alot of things........

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sunday, July 25, 2010


made one and a half new brooches...
a half because the second one is only half way done....
and actually i quite like it that way.....
plan to make some more new stuff over the coming weekends....
...  and yes, i am still quite obessed with tassels...
in fact i bought a book on how to make different kinds of tassels....
hope i will have some time to read it....  and make some

Friday, July 23, 2010

♥ PP

cruise into spring 2011
♥ phoebe philo
♥ the bags

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

retail therapy

.... sometimes it really works...

and shopping is made hundred times easier when all you need to do is *click* *click* *click*

i went a bit over board here....

couldn't really resist the temptations.... lace, floral patterns, lots of layering and layering, lacey slips, neutral colors, flowy one-piece.....

my first giggle of the week

have not been feeling too giggly lately until i came across this

i find these amusing and of course, real....

"Coffee… sweet Lord… I miss coffee."

"I have cheated with the occasional white chocolate mocha with whipped cream. Mmmmmmm!"

"I'm sure my shoes and cute sandals all miss me, too. I had to stow away a huge percentage of my wardrobe just so I won't feel bad about not being able to fit into my thin clothes anymore. I can't wait until I can wear those again."

"I really, really, really miss my collection of heels, fancy shoes, dress shoes, stiletto sandals, and all the pretty shoes.............."

"Getting out of bed without having to roll off."

"I miss being able to sleep through the night without having to get up to pee every few hours."

"I miss sleeping, too, especially on my stomach...."

"I miss my abs! I finally get boobs (from an A to a C), and now my midsection looks like I'm smuggling a melon."

Sunday, July 18, 2010


while waiting for somotu at home,
i picked up the hook and started crocheting again....
i ended up making another brooch
it's been awhile since i made anything....

like i said before, crocheting can really let my mind rest........

Saturday, July 17, 2010


you have gone through rounds after rounds of job interview with mama,
you must have wondered why mama kept repeating the same answers to the same set of questions;

you have went to the hospitals many times to visit our beloved beloved grandma,
how much i wish you could have met porpor and be held in her loving arms. 
i am sure you would be spoiled
but now mama can only show you pictures and tell you stories about porpor;

you have gone through hours and hours of mama worrying and crying;
you have been to mourning places which i wish you wouldn't have to go to;

you have been through so much anxiety and sadness....
i hope these feelings wouldn't affect you
and you will be a happy bb.

these days mama is becoming moody......
i am trying not to show any signs to others.
but i am quite tired.
nonetheless, i will try my best to control myself and stay happy
for you.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

ballet and lace

this is the most recent polariod i took....
and will be the last one for the time being.

i am running low on my supply of polaroid films
and i need to save the remaining ones for later.........

Monday, July 12, 2010

belated birthday treat

the little treat for our birthday boy....
who turned 6 years old this past saturday

sniff sniff sniff
what flavor is this muffin?

mama ~ when i can start diving into the muffin?????????
enough pictures taking!!!

since we were late celebrating his birthday,
we made it up to brownie by throwing in some extras and, of course, his favorite
~~~~  egg white!!!!

sugar ~ don't feel left out
you will get the same share of treats!
just that we won't be taking as many pictures of you tonight.....
but your turn will be coming up soon!
just in about a month's time!!!


today we moved to the new office
which turns out to be the same building as my previous firm!
and it also turns out that i am sitting on the floor which i have sat before, when i was with my previous firm....
felt so weird.

but i like the new office and my new seat
because.... everything is new... 

on everyone's desk, there was a welcome pack.
it was an environmental bag printed with the firm's name...
inside, there was a strap for the pass, a mouse pad, a big mug, etc....
in addition, there was a little paper bag holding breakfast treats...  a muffin and a bag of cookies.
i think it's really thoughtful of the firm....

the muffin?  yes, that's the muffin brownie had tonight (don't worry, i didn't give me the whole thing, just a small bit)............
i got off work too late tonight to be able to get cakes for him... eeeeeeeeee

about work, it so happened that ever since i have joined, it has been pretty busy and hectic....
my colleague said to me that this is record late........
*sigh*  i guess that's my life....  i don't get an easy work life...  no matter where i go


shed a few tears
cuz i am missing you a lot again tonight....
i really wished that you could have been here with me while i am going through one of the most important stages of my life....
i would have been a lot happier if you were still with us
but i guess, at least i got the chance to let you know of it myself and i got to see how happy you were for us......
i miss you

Sunday, July 11, 2010

bad bad

i feel so terrible!
cuz we have totally forgotten that yesterday was brownie's birthday!!!!
how bad of us!

this late afternoon,
somotu suddenly said to me, "you are a bad mom!"
"because you forgot about your son's birthday!"
"brownie is very angry"
but you have also forgotten!  not just me!

so, we are bad.....

brownie, we will make it up to you tomorrow.
mama will get a small muffin or cupcake for you after work tomorrow.

happy birthday!
you are now 6 years old!!!!!!!!

really like her work

all from here.....

hope to be able to get hold of one piece one day....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

late night shopping

last night, i had a fun night doing late night shopping with joanna.

after work, i went to meet joanna.
we first had a quick dinner at a japanese noodle restaurant...
then our shopping began,
or really, i should say MY shopping.
cuz kind joanna was really just taking me to buy all the essentials for maternity.

but before we even made it to the floor for the shop.
we were attracted to stalls selling japanese food stuff.....
got some plum flavored seaweed mix - i love pouring generous heaps of them over plain rice.  yum yum!
then got some fish shaped cakes with red bean and caramel fillings.....
oh actually before that, i got a big bag full of bread and cakes.  greedy me!

then we headed to the shop where my crazy shopping began.
i didn't realize there are so many things (or gadgets!) that i will need during this period..
tried on this and that....
but my main purpose of the night was to get skirts and pants which i can wear to work.
most of my skirts and pants don't really fit me anymore.
especially more so after my london trip last week....  i think i have "expanded" quite a bit!!!!
must be the "london food"! 
tried on quite a number of them....  surprisingly the style is totally acceptable! 
got a few pants and skirts... all very basic, nothing fancy.

while i was in the fitting room, bb kicked and swam around quite a bit...
must be happy about the new clothes mama is going get and the extra room....
no more tight feelings.....

today, i wore one of the new pants i got to work....
and they were so comfortable....  i guess i really need to put away my normal clothes until later.....

many thanks dear for bringing me there!  especially when you weren't feeling that well last night....

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

p & p

p & p
this only has one meaning to me all along
policies and procedures
which was one of the main things i dealt with at work

it now has a whole new meaning to me
pregnancy and parenting
which was the name of one of the magazines my manager gave to me while i was in london

the whole experience has been very unreal to me for the past few months
partly because of all the things that had happened
and partly because, most of the time, i still can't believe i am now a mom-to-be

people have asked me whether i have started a journal jotting down the experience
.... hmmm.... not really
but perhaps i should do so starting now
as i am almost half way through
and i should write down those magical moments, those "first time"s ....

i was also asked many times how do i feel....
.... excited, nervous, tired, happy
but still, most of the time, i feel unreal

but there is nothing i want more than a healthy and happy baby

Monday, July 5, 2010


some serious jet lag yesterday,
i was only able to sleep 3 hours last night....

glad i didn't fall asleep at work....


thanks angela,
i love the *deer head*

Sunday, July 4, 2010

it's good to be home...

....  and with the babies....

as soon as we got home from the airport,
we dashed out to my brother's place to pick up the babies.

the babies were jumping up and down all over somotu when they saw us coming through the door at my brother's place.
both were so excited ....  especially sugar, she made some weird crying sound as if trying to get somotu's attention...  so funny...

one of the very first questions i asked my brother was whether the babies have made any mess.....
he said no....
i am a bit skeptical about that....  cuz my brother and ah king are too nice....  hehehe
i scanned the house quickly and didn't notice any major damage....
so i guess i will just have to believe them!

back to the flight from london to hong kong
it wasn't as smooth as we would want it to be...
first, heathrow was quite a mess...
the gate for departure was not posted until almost 20 mins before the planned take off time.
that said something about the take off time....
when we got to the departure gate....  we waited and waited.... 
20 mins passed, 30 mins passed...

then there was a broadcast.... they said the bridge connecting the departure gate to the plane was not functioning, so we had to take the stairs and there would be delays.  
well, not ideal but not so bad...

but then another 20 mins passed.... nothing happened.
another broadcast came out again, this time, they said half of the toilets on the plane were not functioning!!!!!
and they had to fix it.... everyone went OMG!!!!!!  maybe they could hand out diapers for us all?!

anyway, another 20 mins and finally they said we could board.
but that wasn't the end of it.
we waited on the plane for another 30 mins....  just to find out one of the toilets were still not functioning.  they tried to fix it but couldn't without having to further delay take off.  
so the captain said he has decided to just fly off and asked everyone on the plane to be "kind" to the toilets....
in total, 2 hours of delay.................................

well.... i am glad we finally made it home....
i am going to dive into my bed soon...
i missed my bed....

and tomorrow,
need to go to work...

good night.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

wrapping up

today, friday here, the offsite conference ended.
contrary to my expectations when i set out from hong kong,
the week has been very packed.
meetings after meetings, time has passed by quickly.
it was really great being able to come out here to meet everyone in person.
it's a totally different story once you get to meet people in person, getting to know them, spending time with them, rather than from just talking over the phone.

my day at work ended around 5:30pm.
headed back to the hotel,
then dashed out to the city with somotu.
last time when we were in london, we didn't go to oxford circus.
so there we went.....
the sun sets quite late over here, so by the time we finished walking around and ready to head back to the hotel, the sun was still up there.

tomorrow, we plan to make a quick stop at covent garden.
then we would need to get back to the hotel on time for the car pick up to the airport.

though it's been quite nice out here,
i can't wait to be back home....
i miss my babies....