Wednesday, June 16, 2010

issue 10

got my copy of issue 10 couple weeks ago,
it was the last copy on the shelf,
the shop owner told me he lost the phone book (in which he keeps the names of his customers and their desired magazines) and therefore couldn't call me when the magazine arrived....
if i missed this copy, i would have to wait for six months for the next one to come out

this issue is yummy
because there are models dressed as characters from strawberry shortcake
like blueberry muffin,
orange blossom,
rainbow sherbet,
huckleberry pie
and of course strawberry shortcake!

reminds me of the bedsheet and pillow case i used to have when i was a child....
it was printed with strawberry shortcake and her friends....

i missed those good old days...
when life was simplier and happier

sometimes i wonder,
it's not such a bad idea to live in neverland?
eternal childhood...............


kat said...

I adore Lula too, it was a good issue.
I had a strawberry shortcake doll when little
kat x

aileen ♥ motu said...

yay! strawberry shortcake forever!