Thursday, June 24, 2010

do's and dont's

mama is already missing you two.....

but mama knows you two are going to be in good hands....  which gives me some comfort.

while staying over at ah di gor gor and ah king jei jei's place,

please DO:
* behave 
* eat your meals
* sleep when it's bedtime
* what ah di gor gor and ah king jei jei tell you to do


please DON'T:
* weewee and poopoo on the wrong spot
* eat the table and chairs like last time - otherwise, you two will need to work and earn $$ to buy new table and chairs for ah di gor gor and ah king jei jei!
* (for brownie) try to escape, thinking you will find mama and papa, by dashing out of the house and into the lift lobby - no, the lift won't bring you to mama and papa.... besides you aren't tall enough to reach the "G" button
* eat ah king jei jei's slippers

one piece of good news for you two though:
there won't be any bathing time this weekend because mama and papa won't have time!
so brownie, no wet-look for your this weekend!!


King's Garden said...

brownie is a good boy and sugar is a good girl, don't worry! see you! ^.^

aileen ♥ motu said...

see u!

joop said...

Oh they are adorable

wildflowers said...

Aww, the little darlings :)
Hopefully they won't cause too much trouble while you are gone!

joanna said...

i am sure they will be in good hands! no worries! ^^

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes.... hope they will really behave this time!