Tuesday, May 4, 2010

snow fairy

last saturday night
i went to peggy hsu's concert
her first concert ever in hong kong

nothing fancy about her concert,
it was a small concert hall
no fancy backdrop nor stage
no dancers
no endless changing of outfits / hairstyle / makeup

what we did have was a genuinely great great voice
(it is becoming rare to hear a singer sings without being out of tune...  )
and great songs....
i especially like the happier songs...  the way she sings them can lift up anyone's dull day.

what i didn't expect was that peggy is actually quite a funny person...
i thought she is a person who wouldn't talk much
she is actually quite funny and cute....  and genuine.... which makes me like her even more

towards the end of the concert, she sang two of her very first songs... and the two more popular ones:

and i need to thank sally
not only for letting me know about her concert and getting the tickets for us...
but also for returning two of peggy's albums that night!
because i got back the two albums, i was able to get peggy's autograph on both of them!
hahaha, i must say this is not something i would do normally....  but....  hahaha
thanks sally!
oh, and of course, thanks for taking pictures that night!

i really think she is very talented....
most of the songs are composed, written and arranged by herself.....

one other reason i like her is because she likes winter and christmas too!

a lot of her songs are about winter and snow....
and the way she arranged those songs.... makes me feel like winter in summer....


joanna said...

seems many more good singers in taiwan than in hk...even the music vedeos are of a much higher quality.

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes.... i guess hk is too small and commercially driven to allow truly talented ppl to survive and sustain.... everything is about how much commercial value a person has... so sad....