Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i ordered two books this afternoon
this one and this one

they should keep me busy for some time
and i hope to learn more about lace after the reading....
that would help me with identifying the pieces of vintage lace in my drawers....


i finally cleaned up my working table just now.
it was a mess, with all kind of stuff all over the table....
that felt good
i am supposed to be a tidy person!


i think summer is really round the corner
need to sort out the winter clothes and bring them to the laundry place
and take out the summer clothes


in the past two weeks,
every one of us was going thru pictures of porpor
from her young days to recent days
amongst all, the one picture that touched my heart the most
is the one i took with my polaroid last year.
it was at porpor's house.
it was a sunday.
mom and dad, brother and ah king, somotu and myself had lunch with porpor at her house.
it was our mid-autumn festival family gathering.
it was a very cheerful afternoon.
the polaroid is now sitting quietly on the shelf of my table.
porpor looked very relaxed, very comfortable and very happy in the picture.
that's the way how i want to remember her.

i miss patting her face
i miss running my fingers through her silver hair
i miss kissing her on both cheeks
i miss her waving goodbye to us through the window at home while we wait for taxi on the street
i miss plucking the ingrown eyelashes for her
i miss triming her nails

i miss her so much
sometimes i feel very lonely


joanna said...

you are going to become a lace expert, kai ma!!

good memories of por por will keep you close to her forever...and she will be looking at you from heaven too...

aileen ♥ motu said...

xoxo dear ~

Miss LK said...

Hi Aileen,

Your porpor will always live in your heart and watch you in the peaceful heaven above. Take care!

Anonymous said...

she is in your heart.
you are not lonely

quick quick
be a lace expert!

King's Garden said...

tcbcking & I love the polaroid picture very much. thanks! we must remember her forever.