Monday, May 31, 2010

mine & hers

mine.....  in dark green checkers
got it a few years back
i added two different pieces of lace to the collar, sleeves and bottom of the cotton shirt

hers.....  in dark green checkers
also got it a couple years ago
it was "made in japan"
and it was more costly than mine!

i didn't actually realize we have a "look-alike" outfit
until we both "accidentally" wore our own the other day!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

little things

went with a friend to a shop
it was the shop where she got her wedding gown,
and it wasn't just any wedding gown....
it was vintage and with lots of lace.... 
it was a very pretty dress
if i had known this shop, i would have gotten mine from there too....

she wanted to visit the shop again so i accompanied her....
it's been awhile since i last went there
they have moved to a new address
as soon as i got to the entrance, i fell in love with the place.
it is full of all the things i love and fancy...
lots and lots of dried hydrangea here and there, feathers, little bird cages,
pearls, vintage looking wooden furnishings, zakka....
and of course, lots and lots and lots and lots of lace!

while my friend was going through the racks full of blouses, skirts, dresses....
i was engaged at going through the tables on which there were vintage watches, accessories, etc
and bits and pieces of lace.....
there was one particular piece of lace which was extremely pretty. 
it looked as if it was trimmed off from some dress.
so i asked the shop owner what was that and whether it was for sale....

she must be able to read my mind.
"are you looking for trimmings and scraps?"
"yes yes yes"

then she went off to one end of the shop, digged out a big bag and handed it over to me.

it was a big plastic bag full of scraps of lace....

so for the rest of the visit, my friend and i sat down on the sofa and went through the bags.
we took out each piece of scrap.... and went "oooohh! ahh!!!!"
actually my friend thought i was over reacting a bit too....
but i couldn't help myself when i saw such delicate, fine and dainty vintage lace
the other customers must thought we were crazy ~ crazy people going through "unwanted" cut-offs.... 

as seen in the pictures above, i ended up getting an armful of them....
of course they were not for free.....  i did pay quite a bit for them
but i think it was worth it

i have many ideas for them
like cutting off some of the flowery patterns to make pendants, brooches,
sewing some of them onto tee-shirts, tote bags, etc....
or just having them rest on tables and books....

another great find that day was the magazine called *little thing magazine*
i have seen it before but didn't know where to get it.
the shop owner showed her own copies to me (seeing that i am crazy about *little dainty things*, i guess)...
and yes, i went "oohhh" and "ahhhh" again
she was kind enough to let me have the extra copy she has

i am very happy
and i love this magazine
but i don't know where to get it other than at taobao

does anyone know where to get it?????  thanks in advance!

Friday, May 28, 2010

one of the two books i ordered last week has arrived today
strange though
because i ordered two books but only one arrived???!!!
the one arrived today is this one
but what happened to this one?????????
when i looked at the invoice,
it says "This shipment completes your order."
i need to follow up....


and the vintage lace which i ordered awhile ago has also arrived
timing is good
i can start studying and practicing how to identify lace
i want to keep myself busy.....   or should i say my mind busy
i don't want it to have free time

the very first thing which i have learned today:

the word "lace" is derived from a Latin word - laqueus.
the term "lace" covers all variety of ornamental openwork fabrics formed by looping,
plaiting, twisting or knotting of the threads of flax, silk, gold, silver, cotton....
in short, the word "lace" means "a lot of holes surrounded with thread".

- excerpt from the book

hope i can share more of what i have learned here soon


i recently came across tumblr
i was fascinated by some of the sites...  totally pink, sweet, fairy-like, dreamy, romantic....
i haven't figured out completely how it works
but seems like owner of the site captures images, pictures, quotes from other sources ...
like a virtual album

some of the ones i love:
* lovelybluepony
* everything sweet
* lovely clusters
* deadmarch

and while browsing and dreaming through these places, i found some familiar looking pictures...

like two of them here
this made my day.... i am glad that someone likes my pictures....

i have set up my own site on tumblr
but didn't really have time to play with it.....
i guess i am better off dreaming and sailing through others....


i found this picture in one of my folders
i forgot where i got it from...   must be some online shop
they are super cute.....
and i love the ruffles and trimmings....

Thursday, May 27, 2010

just about two more weeks i will be out of this island
every day is like a drag at work....

yesterday, at one point i was losing focus
i decided to start packing / throwing things away
cleared stack after stack of paperwork
there are still lots more to go through
and there will be lots of things i need to bring home

today, i started putting down names of those whom i need to include in my farewell email
there are some whom i don't really care about but i think as a matter of courtesy, i should just include them

finally friday tomorrow

and just a few more days before the end of may
this past month has been filled with misery and tears
i wonder what's ahead.............
for one, i hope the new island will be better than this one....
this one really sucks

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

days of may


her albums arrived today

quietly and peacefully

i recalled one afternoon, i was talking to mom on the phone.
she was reading my blog
the music played here in the blog was playing
i could here over the phone
then mom told me grandma was sitting next to her
she said grandma liked the music

one fine day
i wish you could be here with us on this fine day

Monday, May 24, 2010

driving them mad

i love these few shots:

i love those flying ears

nothing else but "that thing" in his bling bling eyes......

and what's driving them mad?
it's the greenies......

i don't understand why they love greenies so much....
they surely doesn't look appealing at all to me!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

more flowers

received a bunch of flowers the other day at work
i thought to myself that it couldn't be somotu
cuz he doesn't usually send flowers.
turned out to be a friend at work...
she said the flowers are to cheer me up.
i felt very warm but at the same time a bit guilty....
cuz i couldn't be with her on her big day.

the flowers were very pretty...
decided to dry some of them.
the roses turn out to be very nice....
especially like the color ~ how each petal is pale but lined by a rusted red color....

i think i will get myself lots of flowers from the flower market
they should cheer up the space....

summer flowers

these two brooches have been sitting on my desk for quite some time....
finally managed to deliver them to the shop yesterday....
they are now available at magenta

straw bags always go hand in hand with summer
i think the brooches can be used to decorate the straw bags....
or any tote bags......

Saturday, May 22, 2010

decided to do a bit of crocheting
i was told it is calming and therapeutic
it is....
just a bit tiring on the shoulders...  hehehe
maybe i am still too tense....

the book was a gift from dear angela....
thx dear....

Thursday, May 20, 2010

mind wandering

don't know where to go
just wandering around and found something sweet and pleasant for a change


from here....
the name sounds very familiar......
then went there
ah!   i know her!   i first came across her name while i was wandering in a little shop in tokyo.
the shop was playing her CD....
i liked the music and her voice, so i asked the sales lady for the name....
then got her CD from a local music store
that was more than 10 years ago
how time flies....

from her site, i found out she has released an album last year....
more wandering.....
i found myself ended up getting three CDs
this one
this one
this one

****  wandering can be dangerous ****

i noticed a lot of blogs are using this for their giveaways....
quite cool.....


then i got myself here
so it seems like the polarid film from the impossible project is hard to master......
i think i will wait for the color version to come out


hk becomes so romantic and retro through her eyes
how come i have never seen such a pretty in pink "cha-chaan-teng"?????


**** wandering could also be tiring ****

which is a good thing.....  then i could go to sleep.....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

i ordered two books this afternoon
this one and this one

they should keep me busy for some time
and i hope to learn more about lace after the reading....
that would help me with identifying the pieces of vintage lace in my drawers....


i finally cleaned up my working table just now.
it was a mess, with all kind of stuff all over the table....
that felt good
i am supposed to be a tidy person!


i think summer is really round the corner
need to sort out the winter clothes and bring them to the laundry place
and take out the summer clothes


in the past two weeks,
every one of us was going thru pictures of porpor
from her young days to recent days
amongst all, the one picture that touched my heart the most
is the one i took with my polaroid last year.
it was at porpor's house.
it was a sunday.
mom and dad, brother and ah king, somotu and myself had lunch with porpor at her house.
it was our mid-autumn festival family gathering.
it was a very cheerful afternoon.
the polaroid is now sitting quietly on the shelf of my table.
porpor looked very relaxed, very comfortable and very happy in the picture.
that's the way how i want to remember her.

i miss patting her face
i miss running my fingers through her silver hair
i miss kissing her on both cheeks
i miss her waving goodbye to us through the window at home while we wait for taxi on the street
i miss plucking the ingrown eyelashes for her
i miss triming her nails

i miss her so much
sometimes i feel very lonely

Monday, May 17, 2010

not too long ago, i have ordered quite a lot of materials and lots of lace for making stuff....
i made a couple of brooches before all that had happened....

since then my mind has gone blank....
but i think i need to keep myself busy in some ways...
instead of making stuff,
i think i am going to make myself busy by sorting out all the pieces of lace i have...
since a lot of them are vintage...  i want to trace where i got them from
as well as the kind of lace, country made and year made....

good night....

Thursday, May 13, 2010

while i was taking a shower just now,
i thought of the afternoon when i accompanied you to the hair salon.
i think i should drop it down...

it was a quiet and nice afternoon.
the salon wasn't too crowded.
in fact, we always made sure it wouldn't be crowded so that you could get your perm done asap.

i sat next to you, watching you getting the curlers into your hair, having the steamer fixed over your head.

i asked whether you were comfortable with the seat and everything,
whether you were cold or not.
you said you were fine.

i got nothing to do while waiting, so i took your handbag and see what's inside.
it was the bag i got you.....  you always used it whether you go out.
i am glad you liked it.
i found a little pack of cookie and another little pack of biscuits....
i asked you why you got these in the bag
and you said just in case if you got hungry during the hours and hours in the salon....
i giggled and said you were like a little kid going to a picnic.
i thought that was the cutest thing....
i still think it is the cutest thing....

my beloved grandma
i miss you so much

Saturday, May 8, 2010

last night, i saw you
i think it was a dream
you seemed to be smiling

but it was very very brief...
then i lost sight of you
i tried very hard so that i could see you again
but i didn't see you again
maybe you were busy going to see the others

i am so afraid that i will forget the touch of your hand
and the feeling of leaning against your shoulders

Friday, May 7, 2010

i miss you so much
i will never stop missing you until the day i close my eyes

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my milky way

a couple of the glittered zakka has arrived through the mail today!

i still have no idea of what to do with it.....
probably will just let it rest on my desk.....

it looks like a milky way to me when my eyes are half closed.....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

snow fairy

last saturday night
i went to peggy hsu's concert
her first concert ever in hong kong

nothing fancy about her concert,
it was a small concert hall
no fancy backdrop nor stage
no dancers
no endless changing of outfits / hairstyle / makeup

what we did have was a genuinely great great voice
(it is becoming rare to hear a singer sings without being out of tune...  )
and great songs....
i especially like the happier songs...  the way she sings them can lift up anyone's dull day.

what i didn't expect was that peggy is actually quite a funny person...
i thought she is a person who wouldn't talk much
she is actually quite funny and cute....  and genuine.... which makes me like her even more

towards the end of the concert, she sang two of her very first songs... and the two more popular ones:

and i need to thank sally
not only for letting me know about her concert and getting the tickets for us...
but also for returning two of peggy's albums that night!
because i got back the two albums, i was able to get peggy's autograph on both of them!
hahaha, i must say this is not something i would do normally....  but....  hahaha
thanks sally!
oh, and of course, thanks for taking pictures that night!

i really think she is very talented....
most of the songs are composed, written and arranged by herself.....

one other reason i like her is because she likes winter and christmas too!

a lot of her songs are about winter and snow....
and the way she arranged those songs.... makes me feel like winter in summer....

Monday, May 3, 2010


lately, i have developed a serious obession with *glitters*
anything that glitters will get me....
i see it and i just got to have it....

right now, sitting on the shelf of my desk is a glittered eiffel tower....
there are also a small glittered picture frame
and little birds ~ glittered as well....

i am now anxiously waiting for the other glittered zakka i have recently purchased to arrive....
tic.... tic.... tic... tic....
i am waiting...
i plan to make lots of things that are glittered.... yay!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

我真的要感謝 你讓我找回了我自己

當我以為自己不是什麼 你給我肯定
你的一句勇敢一點 我卻開始 流眼淚
Female總是這麼容易相信 很遙遠的誓言

You love me Even I’m not somebody You still love me
You love me You say I’m your everything
You love me 你說唱了就唱了 是我自己決定
You love me 你要我堅持到底

Thanks for loving me

million thanks

to you, you, you and you
who have adopted them!  ^_^


got these from yves kitchen last saturday...
~ orange jam
~ rose strawberry jam
~ thai-spicy sauce
all are homemade and just yummy ~~~~

there were actually quite a selection of homemade jam: kumquat, banana, kiwi, etc....
it was quite a difficult decision to make...
when i finished the ones i got i think i will go back and try the other flavors.

it's only been a week, but the rose strawberry is already half gone!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

keeping this necklace

to myself because i still can't find the exact same brass settings anywhere.....