Saturday, April 10, 2010

bilitis dix-sept ans

my recent fancy ~ bilitis
each piece has lots of vintage european lace....  feminine and delicate
i love all their pieces!

it was very difficult to decide which piece to get.....
along with the items i got, i also got these little presents which are just absolutely gorgeous!
lovin'em all!



brownybunny said...

Wow~ love those tu-tu dress!
I like those ballerina-like stuffs too, so soft, elegant, vintage and romantic ^-^

Are you planning to go for Japan to get them from bilitis? keke

By the way, I am "little.b". I had just deleted my previous blog and rebuilt a new one for some reasons.

Anyway, still keep my eye on your nice blog for those beautiful sharing ^-^ Best wishes!

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh hello little.b.! yes, tu tu dresses are so romantic and pretty... but they are not for me..... i don't look good in them at all .... hehehe

brownybunny said...

haha~ I don't look good in tu tu dress either.

But, still I can't resist the beauty of them. I had bought few of them before and hang them somewhere in the bedroom, just like a display (look better than wearing them =P).

heehee, looking at beautiful stuffs, also make people happy ^-^

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh wow.... it must look very pretty and sweet in your room! i wish i could have the "courage" to make holes on the wall for hanging stuff. i have a couple of bird shaped hooks which i want to hang them on the wall.... but i keep hesitating... not sure whether it will look good, etc.... the only holes i have made in my room is for the deer mirror... hehehe