Monday, March 29, 2010


it was just one of those routine and weary day in the office
when mr. postman suddenly appeared behind my back
and dropped off a package on my desk.

a package for me, received in the office!
puzzled yet a bit excited, i looked at the sender's address....
and i started to have an idea of who is my santa.

i quickly unwrapped the package.
what's inside immediately brightened my day!

there was a homemade beewax lipbalm, a piece of homemade soap
and a typewriter ribbon!!!!!

the soap is so nicely wrapped that i still haven't unwrapped it yet.

i have said i wanted to get one of those vintage typewriter,
before i found myself one, this kind person has gotten me a ribbon!!!

and the best part of the package was a typed, yes TYPED, not written,
little note card........  
how i love the look and feel of a typed note!!!
so vintage and so cute!!!!

i totally love this little *essential survival kit*!
and i will be keeping the little typed note....  i love it.

thank you sooooo much joop!!!!


joop said...

hey hey...i am glad u like them...and they got a Polaroid too wowowow

have u checked out the impossible project's product yet?

aileen ♥ motu said...

hey dear ~ forgot to mention that the lipbalm is very nourishing.... thanks again!

yes i did... but it seems the film is for SX-70 only? mine is a SLR 680... still waiting!!!! neck is getting longer!