Tuesday, March 2, 2010

just a few

brooches made some time ago....
have yet to make new things in my new room....
hopefully this weekend...  to help me release stress accumulated from work


blue eyed night owl said...

Those brooches are beautiful!

I've been meaning to answer your question, I guess it's better late then never.

I found out about the Kings of Convenience in a cd store, I was browsing the sales and my eye fell on their covers, so I listened to it in store and was blown away.

I don't listen to club 8 or the acid house kings, but I looked them up and will definitely try it out some more.

Do you know this song?
I am listening to it right now and thought you might like it too. The video is gorgeous.

And, yeah, my dad did a pretty good job with the stamps. However I did explained to him a few times what I wanted, even wrote a list, which he lost and then told him again over the phone :P. Dads just aren't that good in buying things are they?

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh my! i love them!!! thanks so much for introducing them to me... the video is amazing... and i love the style and mood... a bit dark and gloomy. i just love it!

i just went to check them out and i found out that the lead singer, Yukimi Nagano, has collaborated with another group, KOOP, before... no wonder her voice sounds so familiar!

i need to share their videos here... and it also means i need a trip to the music store tomorrow!

hey, it is the thought and effort that count right? dads are the best!