Thursday, February 4, 2010

little prisoners

date:  24 Dec 2009
time:  around 7:30pm
place:  mom & dad's place

sequence of events:  
(1) choco the big old brother started it all
(2) everyone got tired of big brother's non-stop "shouting" and "grumbling"
(3) brownie followed everyone around... sniffing here and there....  trying out his luck for "food-accidentally-dropped-to-the-floor"
(4) sugar followed brownie around....
(5) everyone got tired of having little "shadows" following them around

ALL put into prison wards!

brownie:  "let me out!"....   "let me out!"


"look how innocent i am!"

"guess not........................................"

brownie:  "sugar, your turn.   do something to get us out of here!"

sugar:  "i don't know what to do!"

sugar:  "let me try jumping"
"i feel like a clown!  i don't like this!"

at the other prison ward,
there lies choco the big old brother....
the one who started this all...............


kat said...

Hi Aileen

this is such a cute post....brownie and sugar are such stars!
They really are so expressive in their faces! How could they be jailed for long I'd want them to sit on my knee for a cuddle!
Thanks for your email about the feature I hope to put it on my blog soon.(will let you know when)

love K x

King's Garden said...

hahaha! i remember it. ^.^

aileen ♥ motu said...

hihi kat ~ yes... that's the last but most powerful weapon they've got! i usually can't stand them staring at me.. begging for mercy!

ah king ~ we will see little old man this sunday!

wildflowers said...

Your dogs are so so cute and adorable!!! I could stare at photos of them all day <3

And the photos you take are wonderful, they bring across the dogs' personalities so much :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

thx so much wildflowers.... doggies are really the best model... if you spend enough time with them, you will find each of them has a different personality and different little facial expressions! i love dogs!