Tuesday, January 26, 2010

sleepy teddy brownie

today is our third day in our new home and the babies are finally (hopefully) settling in.
at least, brownie could now put down his guard and sleep like a baby on the new sofa and cushions. (oh yes, and my teddy bear too......)

on their very first day here,
they were quite nervous and a bit lost.....  i guess they thought this was someone else's home.

sugar refused to peepee and poopoo for almost a whole day (which got me a bit worried).

while brownie got all confused and peepee at the wrong place.... and got himself a really loud yelling from somotu!  after the yelling, brownie refused to peepee for the rest of day.....  it was only until the following morning he finally did it and at the right place.

hope they find themselves comfy at the new place....