Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

oh deer

i have longed for a deer head on the wall (not the real ones of course).....

last year when we had a girls trip to bangkok,
i saw this and immediately fell in love with it!
the size is just right.... not too big and not too small;
and it is all white!!!!!

the only hesitation, well two hesitations, was/were
*1* how could i carry it back to hk?  i didn't have any suitcase.  all i got was a small travel bag.  and i hate carrying extra luggage.
*2* what was somotu going to say?  would he faint right away as soon as he sees this head? 

but then i said to myself....  he couldn't really have any say if i am just going to place it in my zakka room, right?
then with the girls' pursuasion.....  i got it.  and thanks to the girls for helping me to carry it back home...

the deer head mirror had stayed in the box until last night.....
which means somotu had never seen it until last night.....  and without surprise, he disapproved.
he said it doesn't really match my zakka room....  and how my room is supposed to be plain....  blah blah blah...... well NOT!

i insisted....
so now it is up on the wall.... nicely....  hehehehe

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

*dream* cupboard

i have always wanted a cupboard with glass doors and vintage looking handles.
like those seen in the zakka magazines.
then i would place pieces of zakka on top of the cupboard and fill the inside with even more zakka.....

this is my version of the *dream cupboard*.
we took a bit of a risk as we got an interior design shop which we have never used before nor do we know friends who have used it before to make some of our furnitures including this cupboard.....

we did all the measurements, dimensions, design of the compartments ourselves....  along with pictures we got from zakka magazines to assist the shop with ensembling the pieces.

luckily (i have heard a lot of horror stories about furnitures turned out to be complete nightmares), the final product turned out to be very close to what i want....  only thing is, the material we chose turned out to be too white in color....  but i think with time, it will carry that "worn-out", shabby chic look i want....

and i love the handles to the cupboard.....  will try to take more pictures later....

as seen in the picture, the inside of the cupboard is still a bit of a mess....
it will take me some time to tidy it up....

sleepy teddy brownie

today is our third day in our new home and the babies are finally (hopefully) settling in.
at least, brownie could now put down his guard and sleep like a baby on the new sofa and cushions. (oh yes, and my teddy bear too......)

on their very first day here,
they were quite nervous and a bit lost.....  i guess they thought this was someone else's home.

sugar refused to peepee and poopoo for almost a whole day (which got me a bit worried).

while brownie got all confused and peepee at the wrong place.... and got himself a really loud yelling from somotu!  after the yelling, brownie refused to peepee for the rest of day.....  it was only until the following morning he finally did it and at the right place.

hope they find themselves comfy at the new place....

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday, January 24, 2010

*roger* *roger*

my first post from our new home

finally done moving (well, sort of)....

many many thanks to:
*ah king for coming by so early, helping to watch over the babies, helping me to fill up my cupboards
*ah di for helping us to fill up the storage room, moving the heavy stuff
*mom for dealing with the kitchen stuff
of course, somotu for dealing with the electronic stuff.... otherwise, i wouldn't be able to do this posting.... hahaha

Friday, January 22, 2010


the babies' plush toys were getting quite dirty...
so i have them washed before we move to our new place.

this afternoon,
i took all the toys to the new place.
when i went back to our "bye bye soon" home,
brownie was playing with the moon!!!!!!!!!!

i asked whether somotu kept it for brownie to play
(if so, i would be very mad.... hahahaha!  cuz it's all clean!)



"someone" has jumped up to the box to grab the moon...............

finally..... tonight is our last night at the old place........

Sunday, January 17, 2010

*last day*s ~ last sunday

this space has been on semi-hiatus
cuz we got too many things to pack, to get ready, etc...
and of course, while we still need to go to work....
no time to update this space....

from today onwards,
for a week,
everyday will be a "last day" in our little home.

today is our last sunday at this little home....
it is getting messy and crowded.
big and small bags standing here and there.
not much room left for brownie and sugar.

probably the only place where they can find peace and space is:
the sofa!

high up on the sofa,
brownie the commander in chief
is making sure mom and dad keep packing and packing and packing....

"there!  there!  my moon, my moon!
don't forget to pack my moon!"

i really really got too many zakka.....
i am having a serious headache
not just with packing them...
also where to put or "hide" them in the new place....

i need to stop buying zakka..................

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

i wonder if i am a snake in disguise....
these few days,
i have an extremely strong urge....

i feel like i am in hibernation....
as i can't get enough of sleep....

i can sleep and sleep and sleep.....
and i don't wanna get out of bed...........

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i ♥ it!

for aileen♥dreams

for aileen♥dreams by zoehearts♥ on

i absolutely love this set!!!!
it got all my favorite ingredients....  lace, deer, keys....
thanks so much for making it for me zoe!!!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

too lazy

only less than 2 weeks left.
i should really be packing instead of taking things out and spreading them everywhere....

but every time when i tell myself, "ok, let's start packing"....
and then i see all the mini tiny things hiding here and there....
i give up
and stop.

okok, i shall really take this seriously...
i shall give it another shot tomorrow after work....
and i need to think think whether i need to take any days off from work (if that's even possible).

instead of packing,
couple weeks ago when i was on vacation,
i tried felting again.

i wanted to make some wool flowers to make brooches...
wasn't very successful as they turned out to be too big and too thick....

will try again later....
i am thinking....
by the time i am successful with making them....
would it be summer already
too hot for wool flowers???

Friday, January 8, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010


can't get the song out of my head..............

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


is how i feel....

i got this *custom-blended* fragrance from dear joanna as my xmas present.

i am loving every drop of it cuz not only does it has my favorite scent (vanilla),
it was also specially made for me!!!!!

thank you so much dear....  you are too good to me!!!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Monday, January 4, 2010

"wrong place, wrong time"

i think this is a great analogy to
"wrong place, wrong time"


在這畸形的年代, 畸形的社會,

讓我可以 geeleegooloo....

這是我給為這張專輯 的分數。
如果我可以身 在冰島,躺在白色的雪上
一邊感受真正的 slowness,

正如一月一日那天, jan lamb說過,



i was kidding back then.
i said it again today,
but i am not kidding anymore.
cuz i'm suffocated by this place.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 is here!

to all of you!

how do you want 2010 to be?

i think brownie and sugar want it to be....


eyes as big and round as donuts!!!!!

give me give me give me that ice cream!!!!

kiss kiss kiss