Wednesday, December 16, 2009

one of the few things they know

poodles are supposedly one of the smartest dog breeds.
well, except ours.
i have seen others doing all sort of tricks,
like standing up, walking with the two hind legs, dancing, jumping through loops (i won't be surprised to see them jumping through fire loops!!!), playing dead, playing piano, playing guitar......

ours can do none of these....
they just couldn't figure any of these tricks out.... hahahaha

the only few things they know are:

and a couple others like

and one more,
start eating only when they hear us say "OK!"

how it's done:
place pieces of snack in front of them and say "NO!"

then, make they wait and hold for as long as you want them to wait / hold for....
look, sugar is starting to fall asleep...

when you have enough fun watching them holding their position (yes, kind of mean... hahahaha)
then say "OK!"

they will gobble down the snack with lightspeed.

chew, chew, chew....

done chewing....
and looking for more?!

no more la....