Thursday, December 10, 2009

lost control

many nights ago,
on my way home from walk,
i bumped into this shop.

actually i shouldn't say "i bumped" into this shop.
it's more like, "my feet dragged my heart" to this shop......

many many zakka things......  (since i haven't been there for a long long time, everything looked new to me).
i touched this and touched that.
picked this up and picked that up.....

before i knew it, i was grabbing tens of these lovely lovely lace~y covers and coasters to the checkout point...

how am i going to use them?
i don't know,
* framed them and hang them to the wall
* place them over my mini-hifi
* store them along with the other zakka under my bed (hahaha)
* sew the different pieces together and turn it into a scarf
* turn them into a sun hat for sugar (hahaha)


Banita said...

Where is this shop?

aileen ♥ motu said...

hi banita ~ it's a shop in jordan, close to the mtr exit for bo ling street. the shop's name is something like haber dasher...