Saturday, November 21, 2009

another milestone... on the 2nd day of work!

wah la!
wah la!
wah la!
i can't believe it! 
brownie made managing director on his 2nd day of work!!!!
don't ask me how he did it....  hahaha...
i just know that his name is on the official list of 2009 class of managing directors!
he is the youngest amongst all MDs!
what a great achievement...
with your promotion, you need to look even smarter!
good that mama bought you a bowtie from bkk, in addition to the tie!

what does making MD mean for brownie?
it means YUMMY!
it means all the bones, cheese balls, beef jerky, chicken sticks, etc etc in the world....
brownie, with so many extra zeros to your paycheck....  you have "all-you-can-eat" all the time!

....  anything else?
....  of course, a personal assistant!  who is going to run all the errands for brownie....
....  who's the personal assistance?  the one hiding at the back....  taking minutes for the meeting....

....  and one last thing, take the official 2009 class of MD picture!
stand straight!  legs together!  smile!
....  ms. secretary, pls move away!  you should be appearing in the picture!


sabe said...

does he like his new thai bow bow?

aileen ♥ motu said...

hahaha... he loves the ipod tee more! he's been wearing it the whole week, last week.... hahahahah