Wednesday, October 21, 2009

a room-ful of lace

i found this shop while i was walking around urahara.
i was drawn to the shop because of its wooden entrance.
and it turned out to be the prettiest shop i've been to during the trip.

the clothes are all nice and pretty...
but what was even more attractive was its interior deco...
~ lots of creamy white candles
~ a really really big bird cage in the middle of the shop
~ lots of fabric flowers
~ very very nice vintage look-alike wooden cabinets, closets
~ lots and lots and lots of aged / distressed rolls of lace!!!
they were randomly placed on the wooden tables, inside the cabinets, etc.... all over the shop...

i couldn't help but started admiring and holding the rolls of lace in my hands...
so pretty and delicate...
each piece of lace was rolled into a bundle and tied with a pretty distressed strip of cloth....

as you can probably guess,
the recurring question in my head was:
"are they for sale?"

i walked round and round the shop until i finally gathered courage to ask
"for sale?"
the answer was

i didn't really want to put down the lace i had in my hands....
but i guess i had to...

so instead,
i got myself a slip... with a very pretty lace lining!

and i was given these:


candykauri said...

hi (sorry how do i call you?:) )
your site is soooo pretty & beautiful, and i just can't help be a "follower" of it*
anyway, it's so nice to meet you & your blog ;) will keep visiting*

candykauri said...

and i just found that i can here many songs that i love in your site!!
like kings of convenience & mondialito etc... oh my god, i enjoy being here so much :) hee*

aileen ♥ motu said...

hihi kauri ~ thx for stopping by. and thx so much for your compliments! i am so happy to know that you like those songs and groups too! it's one of the best thing to know that someone share the same interest! i just stopped by your blog and it is very very sweet and lovely (and your pictures are very nice)... i will stop by again to say hello!!

candykauri said...

yeah yeah~ i feel the same too:D
i saw your beautiful works in polyvore, and tried to make one toooo.... but but but really difficult to make nice ne.... i love your works so much~~ hee* ^^
look forward to seeing your latest works soooon!!! ;) see ya~

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh... you like playing with polyvore too?! yeah!

just keep practising... i didn't really know my way around too... it's really trial and error... it's so much fun and the best part is, it's free!

can you add me as your contact? ^_^