Wednesday, October 28, 2009

the most

during the trip,

* things i got the most......  CDs!  not pirated ones! 

* the drink i drank the most.....  thai iced tea!  yum!

* food i ate the most....  rice!  it goes so well with all the curry, spicy stuff.

* place we went back the most....  the spa house pictured above... 

* thing we laughed at the most....  someone's oily hair....  as a result of the head massage... hahahaha!

* what i was most amazed with....  the troop of ants who were trying to move my pretzels away!  and definitely what i was most angry at......  the pretzels were my late night snacks!  but you ants ruined my snack time!

* the thing i am most pleased with....  the white mirror!  yay!  and thanks to kae for carrying it for me!


ashlee 魚 said...

hey, how's kae doing ?
kind of miss her, and her blog.

and so "sin mo" you had such a nice trip with everything that i want NOW !

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh kae is doing well.... just... very busy with work!

yes it's quite a nice trip... i wish i could be sleeping in late and massaging away now ...

sabe said...

you will need to post more pics from kae's camera about the "things we laughed at the most"......hahahha!!!!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

that's too scary to post here! it's scarier than exorcist!