Tuesday, September 15, 2009

paper 'n' things

while on the topic of vintage paper,
want to share one of the books i got from tokyo.

i knew i would love this book as soon as i caught sight of the cover!
~ vintage book
~ used cards
~ birds
~ lace
how can i not get it?

this book is about vintage french paper and things...

just to share a few pages from the book:

cards with pieces of lace..... how pretty!
i wish i could get my hands on one of these....
i especially like the one with dark blue background,
all three pieces of lace look very delicate and fine.

if anyone knows where to find this type of vintage cards (with lace),
do let me know!!! thanks in advance!

some more lace...
which reminds of me of this silly thing i did awhile ago,
hmm... maybe i should make a few more given i got quite a bit of lace lately?

very very pretty letters and calligraphy.

love these labels and tags!
especially the one with golden edge and *2913* in the middle,
i like the scalloped edge.

la tour eiffel!
and i just love those old postcards!

sparrows and flowers

some more pretty tags....

if i am lucky enough to find these labels and tags,
i think i will use them to label my boxes of zakka, fabrics, buttons, lace, stamps, etc....
how nice!


angela THE ANGEL said...

wow, this book is very "Aileen" :D

dapan said...

so pretty! thanks for sharing, aileen!

Miss LK said...

I think I need to get this book, too...

Sometimes I wonder I must have left a portion of my soul in my past life somewhere in the Victorian era and therefore I am always searching for bits and pieces that remind me of the past :)

joop said...

aileen, i saw a book at pageone and thought you might like it, it's called "Made in France"


aileen ♥ motu said...

angela ~ hello dear, how are you? still busy?

dapan ~ btw, i wanna let you know that your pictures always make me very very hungry.... ^_^

miss LK ~ how funny! when i was small, i used to wish that i could travel back in time... back to the times when girls wear those full, fabulous and elegant dresses, when everything is handmade.... nice and dainty and delicate...

joop ~ wow! thanks for the recommendation, this book is now on my shopping list!!!

wildflowers said...

Ooh wow, what a lovely book indeed :)
Do you know how or where I would be able to get myself a copy?

aileen ♥ motu said...

hihi wildflowers,

the ISBN numbers for this book are:
ISBN-10: 4894448092
ISBN-13: 978-4894448094
and the date of publish is 2009/7/24.
name of publisher is PIE BOOKS.

i think you can try asking your local bookstore to order for you.

i found this book on amazon.co.jp too... the link to the page is:


aileen ♥ motu said...

oh i forgot to mention that amazon.co.jp does international delivery! all you need to do is sign up!

Little b. said...

thanks for sharing the beautiful book and tell us how to buy it too! ^-^