Tuesday, September 15, 2009


with age,
.. yellowish
.. softness
.. warmth

recently i am browsing online shops for aged paper like crazy...
i love how they look and feel (and smell, haha)...

i am also experimenting the use of vintage paper in making pendants... hope they will turn out ok.

actually i want to look for vintage books (the ones with hardcover) as well,
but have yet to find one that i like...

my *dream book* would be one that:
~ is in a foreign language, best if french
~ comes with illustrations or small pictures
~ with some musical notes
~ has a hardcover that is either in dusty pink or aged pale blue
~ the title of the book is embossed on the cover in gold or black
~ is not so thick.... maybe around 150 pages

~ the edge of each page is slightly torn or wrinkled

but not everyone appreciates *aged* things.

just like the little blue paper box i recently got.
when i showed it to somotu,
he went,
"don't tell me you have to pay for this broken box."
hmmmm... well, yes i paid.. haha


Rachel said...

I'm with you on loving aged things. Especially books and boxes. Don't let anyone else convince you otherwise :)

I have a really old, tiny coffee table book about Picasso that I can't read a word of because it's in French... but I still love it so.

aileen ♥ motu said...

the french book you have sounds delicious!! i hope i can find my dream book one day... ^_^