Saturday, August 29, 2009


what was on my mind when i was at khalil fong's concert on friday night:
~ gosh!
~ amazing!
~ so sweet!
~ so romantic!
~ so talented!!
~ love love love.....
~ crazy *chee sin*!!!

in one word::

to me,
why i would pay few hundred dollars to watch concerts as opposed to just listen to CDs at home,
is to experience live performance
where the singer delivers more than what you get from his/her CDs.
(.... and please no silly dancers jumping up and down, loud and clown-like outfits....)

last night,
~ i could feel his passion for music
~ i could feel how his music melts my heart
~ witnessed, in person, how talented he is
~ tasted different arrangements of his songs
~ enjoyed his spontaneity... how he twisted certain notes and chords of his songs... how he added a bit of *ahh*s and *oohh*s here and there...

the last concert which i was so very touched
sandy lam's 07 live....

both concerts are absolutely amazing and brilliant....

i am so glad i managed to get tickets to last night's concert...
thanks jenny!


ashlee 魚 said...

oh aileen,
just back fm the concert, there was a new session added for tonight's only...coz Khaili said it's MJ's birthday (29 Aug)...he did a 2nd encore, with MJ few more songs...and DANCE !!!!


sally said...

just watched it tonite!!!
amazing......he wear liked MJ and dance and sing in the song of BILLY JEANS!!

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh you girls are so lucky!!!!!! so jealous!!!! i must get his dvd later then...