Saturday, August 22, 2009

second day in tokyo

one word:


since yesterday,
i have been to jiyugaoka, shibuya, shinjuku, ikebukuro, asakusa.....

thought i would have plenty of time to wander around
but not really

i must plan better tomorrow
as it does not happen too often that
i am allowed to travel alone

travelling alone is quite good
especially when i need some time alone
freedom to do whatever i like,
whenever i want
and eat whatever junk food i want!

i think i have at least 15 cups of coffee since my arrival...
yes i am coffee crazy
the coffee here is really good!!!!
tomorrow i will continue this craze!

probably i will lost my voice when i return.....


S said...

Sorry, I just remembered to follow up on my last comment just tonight! I was there at the LV exhibition on the second last day, August 9th was the last day I believe. There were quite a number of people attending! In a few days I will be heading home! but I've got your blog on favorite so I'll still check in for good music and pictures! Take care! Oh, have fun in Japan!! ^^

ashlee 魚 said...

take care !
and enjoy your time being alone... i enjoy it very much sometimes....

i voiced out my request couple of time saying that wanna to travel by myself only, and of course it was not granted......

angela THE ANGEL said...

wow! you are in Tokyo!! Enjoy your trip!!! happy shopping!!!!

vanilla said...

wow so happy to travl alone to enjoy the freedom!
but you are too crazy to have 15 cups of coffee a day!

enjoy your trip!!


aileen ♥ motu said...

hi S ~ thx for stopping by again. have a safe trip home!

ashlee ~ keep trying! one day your wish will be granted! i kept raising this request for many many times... i guess somotu finally got sick of me!

angela & jenny ~ time really flies though...i am back already! but i did have a good time! ^_^