Monday, August 3, 2009

pink decadence

~ inspired by the movie, marie antoinette ~

pink decadence....
decay in a graceful, sweet and pretty way
just like the life of marie antoniette

i am not a movie person and hence i don't watch a lot of movies.
but i was drawn to this particular one
because of
the director, sofia coppola
the pastel-color-theme of the movie.

i ended up seeing it on a plane.
and i was glad i saw it.
as apart from the color theme, beautiful costume, lavish settings,
my greatest takeaway from the movie is radio dept.

the a bit depressing/atmospheric/dreamy/moody sounds of this swedish indie pop group blends in perfectly with the grand/historical/lavish movie scenes.

when i feel moody and grey,
i listen to them...
... it feels like i'm fleeing from troubles and worries.......
secretly, quietly....
in complete darkness.......
with only random glows from the stars above....


ashlee 魚 said...

marie antoinette the movie, i love everthing in this movie (except for the actress......)

the bottle is pretty, very vintage look ! does it smell good? don't tell me it's rosy smell, or i will die for it.

aileen :: motu said...

good to hear that someone else likes this movie too as the critics of the movie is... not so positive!

hmm.... you can live.... cuz no rosy smell.... hehehhee