Tuesday, August 25, 2009

on the way, alone

it was my first time to haneda airport.
and my first time to take such an early flight to tokyo.
i arrived ard 7-ish in the morning,
only to find out that the airport limousine to the hotel was not running yet.
as i didn't want to wait in the airport (which has literally nothing... no shop, no cafe...) for another 3 hours for the limousine,
i took the monorail.
the ride on the monorail was quite good.
it was still quite early in the morning and hence it was pretty much empty.
at one point,
i had the whole section all to myself!
i had never rode on any trains in tokyo that was empty before!
i am back home....
am i ready for work tomorrow?


vanilla said...

oh back?
time flies

sally said...

welcome back!!
looking forward to your travel diary (in detail, hehe~~)

aileen ♥ motu said...

yes! the four days passed by so quickly! like a blink and now i am back home already! i am already thinking of going back again! crazy!

angela THE ANGEL said...

welcome home!!
i always travel alone. You won't feeling loney when you are in Tokyo, so many pretty things there..

dapan said...

welcome back!

joanna said...

welcome home!!