Monday, August 31, 2009

the lace center ~ part 1

it was not my next station after jiyugaoka,
but i am jumping ahead
as i can't wait to share this beauty!

as said earlier,
i wasn't able to find it though i tried to follow the direction found on it's web page.
i even tried to ask the local people for help. they looked equally lost as i did.
when i was about to give up,
i caught sight of this:

at the entrance, i took another look at the signage... just to make sure i got it right!
so the lace center is located on the 2nd floor,

right above a cafe called *cafe 1930*.
more about the cafe later.

you can imagine how excited i was,
how suddenly i felt i was short of breath!
no kidding!!!!

no, i didn't run towards it.
although my heart was sprinting towards it,
i tried to stay calm and cool and walked slowly towards the entrance...
i didn't want to scare people or look like a weirdo.

inside, there is another white wooden door which leads to a staircase to the 2nd floor.
the door was closed and there was a sign saying (in japanese),
"please make appointment ahead of time if you wish to take a look at the lace center".
!!!!!!?????!!!!!! my heart sank to the bottom of my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't make any appointment! i didn't know i need to make an appointment prior to my visit.
i looked lost and i think i looked panic as well....
then my eyes caught the eyes of the staff of the cafe,
my eyes must be calling for help....
the staff was kind enough to come over and nodding his head while pointing towards the staircase...
*phewwww* i was allowed to go up!!!!!

don't ask me what would i do if i couldn't go up. probably i would break through! hahahaha.....

the shop turns out to be much smaller than what i had expected.
it was no more than a hundred sq ft but enough to make me go "ooohhh" and "ahhh".

on one side, there are ready-to-wear lacey tops, scarves;
on the opposite side, there are books, postcards, pendants, little pieces of lace, motifs, etc...
then comes the important area.....
a little standalone table right in front of the cashier....
there stands the *face-book*....
a face-book showing off all the different lace available for purchase!
it was quite a thick and delicate book.

i asked the staff i could sit down as i knew it would take me alot of time to go through each page and decide on which one to get....

then..... in the end, i lost control.....
2m of this one,
3m of that one
2m of this this this
4m of that that that.....
this & that, this & that......


i still haven't got the chance to organize all the lace i got nor to take pictures of them...
but here are some of the stuff i got on MY FIRST VISIT:

~~ yes, i went back the next day...... crazy crazy me....

i just missed the lace so much ~~


dapan said...

i can feel how happy you were! ^^

ashlee 魚 said...

i totally understand how you feel at that time !
exactly same as my last visit @ a Osaka zakka shop !

i like many pieces you've got.
i wish i were there too !!!!

King's Garden said...

lovely lace!

Ciyou said...

japan is just a heaven to get all those crafty materials.... just wish that I have more money