Saturday, August 1, 2009

a happy BLUE day

happy birthday to my goddaughter!
she turned 2 years old on July 31!!

this afternoon,
we went to the birthday party for our lovely sansan.

the theme of the party is BLUE! as it is the favorite color of sansan.
when somotu and I looked at ourselves as we stepped out of home,
we giggled.
cuz, we are of the same color tone from head to toe ~ gradually darker shades of blue!
i think we have never looked so *matching* before!

turned out to be a bit late for the party cuz i wanted to pick up sansan's favorite food ~ french fries! it is always the case that when you are not looking for something, that something is always in your face. then when the moment you need that something, it can't be found!
this is what happened to me ~ i couldn't find McDonald's in CWB! the only one i knew of was closed down, so i dashed over here and there...... before i finally found one.... and i got two BIG orders of french fries! i should be able to get a BIG kiss from sansan for that! hohoho~~

when i finally arrived, the other guests were there already....
i was very happy that sansan could still remember my face and called me "kai-ma" as i haven't seen her for weeks already!
and of course, i got a kiss as well as some french fries from sansan!!

the rest of the afternoon was filled with laughter and hugs....
which was followed by a cake cutting ceremony
and then a wonderful dinner.

both the cake and dinner menu were thoughtfully prepared....
the cake was a beauty and not to mention it was home-baked by joanna with lots of strawberries, heart-shaped cookies and a PINGU lookalike penguin as the cake topper!
penguin has become sansan's favorite lately... and this penguin is lovingly made by joanna.
sansan likes the penguin so much that she held it tightly as she ran around the house, rolled on the floor......

the house was also decorated with bits and pieces of blue!
i tried to take some pictures with my polaroid...
though the pictures didn't turn out well...
i would still like to share them here.

oh and the banner and big pom pom are also handmade by joanna!

our lovely sansan!

time really flies, it feels like it wasn't too long ago when sansan was still a little little 毛毛蟲 .
and now, she is turning into a little lady!

happy birthday to you again.
i wish you all the happiness, health and wisdom
i am sure you will be growing up appreciating all the things your mom has done for you.
the love of a mother for her child is the greatest kind of love.


candlelite said...

thank you, aileen, for everything!!

the french fries turned out to become our late night snacks!! yum!!

thank you again...siu momo is so lucky to have you as her godmother!! ^__^

sabe said...

how about having your own sansan?

aileen :: motu said...

hahaha.... i can't even sort out my own life! i can't imagine having my own! hahahaha.....

betbet said...

Motu, you can have your own san san ge... don't worry.... you will be a great mom ..

aileen :: motu said...

hmm..... ^o^