Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first stop : weighted a ton

by the time i left my luggage at the hotel, it was only 9am.

i went to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee
started planning for the day.

the only shop that i wanted to go to and is open so early

it has been quite awhile since i last visited the shop.
the look of the shop has changed,
the interior of the shop has changed,
the logo of the shop has changed as well.
i think it has changed for the better,
i absolutely love the deer!

even the packaging has changed as well,
it has the deer logo!

i started off quite well with controlling myself...
i told myself that i couldn't go crazy so soon
cuz i still have three more days in tokyo.
my self-control diminished as i went from one floor to another....
one of this,
two of that
a couple of this one...
before i knew it,
the shopping basket weighted like a hundred ton! hahaha.....

i got various charms, beads, chains, feathers, etc
the items i got the most are connectors, pins in various finishings...
they are of better quality as compared to the ones in hk.
i can't wait to start making things with all the items i got!


angela THE ANGEL said...

oh~~ 貴和!!
you are absolutely correct, the quality of the connectors & pins are much more better than those in hk. i can't find the parts in such good quality here in hk. Even though they are cheap here, i prefer paying more and get a better quality :)

sabe said...

wah.....don't forget about me in your trip ah.....see if there's any miffy stuff or cute brooch!

Jujube said...

Oh I love the package of Kiwa. Very rustic and raw enough. Sometimes I bought it via Etsy as I cannot be in Japan.

aileen ♥ motu said...

angela ~ that's what i think too! i don't mind paying more. the ones we can get in hk are often defective but you won't know until you get home because they are all pre-packed and you can't check the quality of each piece inside the pack. e.g. like the lobster clasps, often, there is at least one piece that can't be opened!

sabe ~ no miffy, no brooch.. only zakka for you! hahahahaha

jujube ~ wow i didn't know etsy has kiwa stuff! thanks for sharing!

angela THE ANGEL said...

thats ture
even those i bought from spotlight, the quality are soso... how come there is no high quality parts here in HK? :(