Wednesday, August 26, 2009

corners of dream land

on my second day in tokyo,
i let myself slept till 11am.
which is quite rare for me...
i usually wake up early enough to make sure i utilize every second and every minute of my time whenever i am in tokyo.

but this time,
i wanted to have a more relaxing trip (though not really that relaxing in the end as i walked and walked and walked too much...).

the first stop of the day is my dream land
~ jiyugaoka!!

the platform to my dream land!

by the time i got there,
it was around noon time already.

the sun was right above my head and it was really sunny and hot.

i took out my map for the area
and started looking for the places i wanted to discover.

i walked along the little streets,
it was very quiet, peaceful and relaxing.

my ipod was my companion...
and i was enjoying every moment of it.

on my way,
i walked pass....

a cute little front yard with small plants, a bike and a mail box....

someone's home.... i wouldn't mind living in such a cute little house

little decorations of a zakka shop

another shop

and one of my most visited zakka shop...

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