Sunday, August 30, 2009


one of my many dreams
is to own a little shop and named it as

while i was in tokyo this round,
i found a shop called brocante!
(on the first page of its website, move your mouse around the picture,
dreamy bubbles will follow you....)

this is the entrance of the shop
which i like very much....
i like
the big white doors, the greens resting above,
the little iron fence, the rusted water jug....
and i like
how the shop is hidden
it's not on the main street,
it's at the end of a dead corner
hidden among the residence
away from all the other shops in jiyugaoka.

it's rather dark inside
but the ambience goes well with all the goodies inside.
all the items are vintage and rather chunky in size...
a rustic iron bed,
wooden rocking chairs,
closets and drawers,
sewing machines,
nice, nice, nice....

the only pieces of items i could bring home with me....
have to be small enough to fit into my luggage.

this is one of the only two items i got from this lovely shop:

a small vintage paper box
in a very nice pale blue color.

it's perfect for holding lace.


joanna said...

sounds like a lovely shop!! cannot see much from the website though...

maybe one day, your dream will come true!! =)

wildflowers said...

Ooh, this is lovely :)

aileen ♥ motu said...

oh yes... they didn't put up any of the nice stuff in their website... i guess they want to stay mysterious?!