Monday, August 31, 2009

the lace center ~ part 1

it was not my next station after jiyugaoka,
but i am jumping ahead
as i can't wait to share this beauty!

as said earlier,
i wasn't able to find it though i tried to follow the direction found on it's web page.
i even tried to ask the local people for help. they looked equally lost as i did.
when i was about to give up,
i caught sight of this:

at the entrance, i took another look at the signage... just to make sure i got it right!
so the lace center is located on the 2nd floor,

right above a cafe called *cafe 1930*.
more about the cafe later.

you can imagine how excited i was,
how suddenly i felt i was short of breath!
no kidding!!!!

no, i didn't run towards it.
although my heart was sprinting towards it,
i tried to stay calm and cool and walked slowly towards the entrance...
i didn't want to scare people or look like a weirdo.

inside, there is another white wooden door which leads to a staircase to the 2nd floor.
the door was closed and there was a sign saying (in japanese),
"please make appointment ahead of time if you wish to take a look at the lace center".
!!!!!!?????!!!!!! my heart sank to the bottom of my feet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i didn't make any appointment! i didn't know i need to make an appointment prior to my visit.
i looked lost and i think i looked panic as well....
then my eyes caught the eyes of the staff of the cafe,
my eyes must be calling for help....
the staff was kind enough to come over and nodding his head while pointing towards the staircase...
*phewwww* i was allowed to go up!!!!!

don't ask me what would i do if i couldn't go up. probably i would break through! hahahaha.....

the shop turns out to be much smaller than what i had expected.
it was no more than a hundred sq ft but enough to make me go "ooohhh" and "ahhh".

on one side, there are ready-to-wear lacey tops, scarves;
on the opposite side, there are books, postcards, pendants, little pieces of lace, motifs, etc...
then comes the important area.....
a little standalone table right in front of the cashier....
there stands the *face-book*....
a face-book showing off all the different lace available for purchase!
it was quite a thick and delicate book.

i asked the staff i could sit down as i knew it would take me alot of time to go through each page and decide on which one to get....

then..... in the end, i lost control.....
2m of this one,
3m of that one
2m of this this this
4m of that that that.....
this & that, this & that......


i still haven't got the chance to organize all the lace i got nor to take pictures of them...
but here are some of the stuff i got on MY FIRST VISIT:

~~ yes, i went back the next day...... crazy crazy me....

i just missed the lace so much ~~

other corners of jiyugaoka

that day, a saturday,
i arrived at jiyugaoka around noon
i left around 5 in the afternoon.

if it was not because my legs felt like they were no longer mine / attached to my body,

if it was not because i only had limited time in tokyo and there are other areas i wanted to visit,

if it was not because my bag + cameras + shopping bags were beginning to feel like a million tons on my shoulder....

i think i could continue with my little exploration in the area.....

oh, i can't wait to go again...

my secret plan::
to go back again in the later part of this year... hohoho

Sunday, August 30, 2009


one of my many dreams
is to own a little shop and named it as

while i was in tokyo this round,
i found a shop called brocante!
(on the first page of its website, move your mouse around the picture,
dreamy bubbles will follow you....)

this is the entrance of the shop
which i like very much....
i like
the big white doors, the greens resting above,
the little iron fence, the rusted water jug....
and i like
how the shop is hidden
it's not on the main street,
it's at the end of a dead corner
hidden among the residence
away from all the other shops in jiyugaoka.

it's rather dark inside
but the ambience goes well with all the goodies inside.
all the items are vintage and rather chunky in size...
a rustic iron bed,
wooden rocking chairs,
closets and drawers,
sewing machines,
nice, nice, nice....

the only pieces of items i could bring home with me....
have to be small enough to fit into my luggage.

this is one of the only two items i got from this lovely shop:

a small vintage paper box
in a very nice pale blue color.

it's perfect for holding lace.

babies, it's worth the wait

little things brought back from tokyo:

a hair clip in the form of a little hat...

oh, so lady-like!

.... and two *bottles* of perfume...

"what's that?"
"oh not for me... it's blue, must be for men..."

"this one is more like it... it's pink..."
"let me put on some perfume! i have a date tonight!"

"ooh... pink... i smell pretty lady..."

brownie is about to jump up....
"where's my pretty lady?"
"oh no, please don't tell me it's sugarrrr......"

the babies had a lot of fun with the new toys...
so babies, i didn't forget about you while i was having fun in tokyo!

on a different note,
we went to the vet for the babies' annual vaccination on saturday....
dr. ian examined them and said both are in satisfactory condition
despite the fact that both are super super picky about food
and won't really eat anything except human baby food (a constant headache for us)...
both were brave and didn't make a sound or wink their eyes when they had their shot!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


what was on my mind when i was at khalil fong's concert on friday night:
~ gosh!
~ amazing!
~ so sweet!
~ so romantic!
~ so talented!!
~ love love love.....
~ crazy *chee sin*!!!

in one word::

to me,
why i would pay few hundred dollars to watch concerts as opposed to just listen to CDs at home,
is to experience live performance
where the singer delivers more than what you get from his/her CDs.
(.... and please no silly dancers jumping up and down, loud and clown-like outfits....)

last night,
~ i could feel his passion for music
~ i could feel how his music melts my heart
~ witnessed, in person, how talented he is
~ tasted different arrangements of his songs
~ enjoyed his spontaneity... how he twisted certain notes and chords of his songs... how he added a bit of *ahh*s and *oohh*s here and there...

the last concert which i was so very touched
sandy lam's 07 live....

both concerts are absolutely amazing and brilliant....

i am so glad i managed to get tickets to last night's concert...
thanks jenny!

Friday, August 28, 2009

my 5th attempt

of rubber stamp carving
made these awhile ago...

... and a couple of *S* for Queen of Animal Kingdom!
dear Queen,
these two *S* are not as nice as i would like them to be...
be patient,
i will keep trying....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

made for each other

.... lace and spool

no, i didn't get these from tokyo this round.
but i did get a few more wooden spools.... hohoho....

i need to set aside some time to organize my pieces of lace...

am also thinking of sharing some of the lace i got from tokyo this round with my blog*friends.
need to think of how to give them away... will come back on this.

a little bit of spice

the entrance to this spicy zakka shop has changed.
it used to be vibrant in colors... red, orange, blue....
now it is more neutral in color...
i almost thought i got the wrong shop...
i like the mini bike... so cute and so lacey....

last time i visited the shop,
there were lots of vintage and used perfume bottles, small medicine bottles, etc....
very nice and pretty...

this round,
there were none of these...

still in the shop are lots of fireking kitchenware...
oh how much i want to bring them all back home!!!
but i know i couldn't....
my luggage would definitely go over the weight limit
and the risk of breaking them during the transit from tokyo back home is too high...
and of course,
they are not cheap at all....

i admired this
touched that
so many nice things.....

somotu called while i was trying to decide what to get....
wrong time to call.... quickly ended the conversation to go back to dream land.

as soon as i caught sight of this little dolly,
i grabbed it tightly...
i have been looking for it for so long!!!!
love it!

i saw one of these...
ah!!! something i have been wanting for a long time as well!
but gosh, they are all expensive....
i took it up,
put it down,
took it up again
put it down.
the sales lady looked at me as if i was a nutty person.
in the end i didn't get it.
(though actually, i got a pair from another shop later on that day.... cheaper...)

apart from the dolly,
i got some other sewing goodies..
will try to take pictures of them later....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

corners of dream land

on my second day in tokyo,
i let myself slept till 11am.
which is quite rare for me...
i usually wake up early enough to make sure i utilize every second and every minute of my time whenever i am in tokyo.

but this time,
i wanted to have a more relaxing trip (though not really that relaxing in the end as i walked and walked and walked too much...).

the first stop of the day is my dream land
~ jiyugaoka!!

the platform to my dream land!

by the time i got there,
it was around noon time already.

the sun was right above my head and it was really sunny and hot.

i took out my map for the area
and started looking for the places i wanted to discover.

i walked along the little streets,
it was very quiet, peaceful and relaxing.

my ipod was my companion...
and i was enjoying every moment of it.

on my way,
i walked pass....

a cute little front yard with small plants, a bike and a mail box....

someone's home.... i wouldn't mind living in such a cute little house

little decorations of a zakka shop

another shop

and one of my most visited zakka shop...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

first stop : weighted a ton

by the time i left my luggage at the hotel, it was only 9am.

i went to a nearby cafe for a cup of coffee
started planning for the day.

the only shop that i wanted to go to and is open so early

it has been quite awhile since i last visited the shop.
the look of the shop has changed,
the interior of the shop has changed,
the logo of the shop has changed as well.
i think it has changed for the better,
i absolutely love the deer!

even the packaging has changed as well,
it has the deer logo!

i started off quite well with controlling myself...
i told myself that i couldn't go crazy so soon
cuz i still have three more days in tokyo.
my self-control diminished as i went from one floor to another....
one of this,
two of that
a couple of this one...
before i knew it,
the shopping basket weighted like a hundred ton! hahaha.....

i got various charms, beads, chains, feathers, etc
the items i got the most are connectors, pins in various finishings...
they are of better quality as compared to the ones in hk.
i can't wait to start making things with all the items i got!

on the way, alone

it was my first time to haneda airport.
and my first time to take such an early flight to tokyo.
i arrived ard 7-ish in the morning,
only to find out that the airport limousine to the hotel was not running yet.
as i didn't want to wait in the airport (which has literally nothing... no shop, no cafe...) for another 3 hours for the limousine,
i took the monorail.
the ride on the monorail was quite good.
it was still quite early in the morning and hence it was pretty much empty.
at one point,
i had the whole section all to myself!
i had never rode on any trains in tokyo that was empty before!
i am back home....
am i ready for work tomorrow?

Sunday, August 23, 2009

i found the lace center!

after walking round and round in circles,
i finally managed to find
the lace center

i almost thought i wouldn't be able to find it....
you know how difficult it is to figure out the exact location of shops on small streets in tokyo...
even if you ask the local people, most probably they won't know either...

right when i was about to quit (i was really exhausted and my legs were broken from too much walking),
there it was right in front of me!!!!

and of course,
i went crazy....
more about this shop when i am back home...

so on my third day here in tokyo,
i went to

it was my first time to kichijoji
and surely i will go back next time,
i like the little shops on the little streets behind those big department stores alot!

ah i almost forgot
about this shop called yuzawaya in kichijoji.
it is a mega store with lots of sewing supplies.....
more about this when i am back...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

second day in tokyo

one word:


since yesterday,
i have been to jiyugaoka, shibuya, shinjuku, ikebukuro, asakusa.....

thought i would have plenty of time to wander around
but not really

i must plan better tomorrow
as it does not happen too often that
i am allowed to travel alone

travelling alone is quite good
especially when i need some time alone
freedom to do whatever i like,
whenever i want
and eat whatever junk food i want!

i think i have at least 15 cups of coffee since my arrival...
yes i am coffee crazy
the coffee here is really good!!!!
tomorrow i will continue this craze!

probably i will lost my voice when i return.....

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


can't walk quicker in them
can't run faster in them
can't fly in them

i don't know why
but i just love black flats

especially when
they come with
and ribbon bows...

pink.... etc.... etc....

a tiny pocket mirror
a petit ribbon bow made by king for sugar
as her 3 yrs old birthday present!

i'm 3 today!!

"let me make a birthday wish"

~ i wish no more dog food and yes more treatsss
~ i wish no more bath time and yes more rubbing time
~ i wish no more hair brushing and yes more rubbing time
~ i wish no more nail clipping and more more rubbing time
~ i wish no more teeth brushing and more more more rubbing time
i love rubbing

ok ok
sugar, your wish is granted
just one night
(cuz anyway, i am too tired to brush, bathe, clip tonight)