Wednesday, July 29, 2009

some dreams

dream no. 1
~ own a little shop full of zakka, lace, vintage and handmade goodies
~ use the shop as storage for all the zakka and junk so that there will be more space at home (i know somotu will raise both hands!)
~ the color theme of the shop is creamy... vanilla...
~ fill up the entire shop with vanilla aroma...
~ play bossa nova, french music non-stop
~ name it as: a*brocante

dream no. 2
~ get a new family member
~ we have even thought of a name already!!!
~ the name: shadow (preferred by somotu).... or doudou (preferred by motu)
~ think it should be a girl (brownie will be happy)
~ the question is black or silver??
~ why the name shadow / doudou? cuz such dark color is like the shadow of brownie & sugar

some dreams!!


time for bed
to dream these dreams

goodnight... ZZZZZZZZZZZ


Anonymous said...

new family member...i thought you were talking about human one!!!!!! doudou is good name for human babygirl or babyboy!!!

*raising my both hands for that one*

sabe said...

why do you want a third member? Two is not busy enough for you?

ashlee 魚 said...

i wanna to visit a*brocante some day.
wish your dream come true !

aileen :: motu said...

momo ~ hahahaha.... maybe some day!

sabe ~ that's why it is a dream only!!! haha

ashlee ~ if i am ever lucky enough to have this dream come true, it will be many many many years down the road! i will be old and wearing 老花 glasses by then! we can sit and chit chat while knitting... like those little old ladies... hehehe

Anonymous said...

"going to have a babe?" thats what i thought!

i vote for "black".

shop? cool!! vanilla!!! ho ar!

aileen :: motu said...

hehe... yes that's what i think too... black is going to be really funny... probably can't even find the eyes!! just like a black fur ball!

aileen :: motu said...

oh... and with the vanilla aroma, i think you will find four vanilla 煙燻 objects: brownie, sugar, me and *doudou*.... hahaha

ashlee 魚 said...

i couldn't stop laughing...

motu, i can just imagine you are wearing the 老花 but geeky glasses and knitting... you will be the most trendy granny.

and i will take this as an invitation, sure will hang out there 7/24.... hahahahahh

aileen :: motu said...

yes yes ashlee ~ this will be our date to look forward to!!!